Adventures in Shopping: Old Town Tomball

Let’s just set the record straight. I’m a sucker for anything old. Vintage cameos, antique decor, old towns – you name it, I covet it. It started with weekends spent strolling the quaint streets of Old Town Spring with my parents growing up, where the shops and restaurants make you feel like you’re living in an old west town rather than in the middle of the booming city of Houston. We’d spend hours at our favorite lunch spot, the British Trading Post & Tea Room, where my father bonded with a fellow Brit, Maureen, who ran the place with her daughters and quickly became like family. After moving away, I would plea for Grant to take me back any time we visited home, just to get a glimpse of my childhood memories.

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Top 5 Pins of the Week: Bombs Away

This past week I found myself turning to Pinterest more often than usual grasping for a little style inspiration. You might recall from our recent moving debacle, that somewhere in West LA a woman (or man for that matter) is walking around wearing half my wardrobe. Hence, I’m having to come up with more creative ways to make what clothes I have left work overtime. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Pinterest is your friend. I personally find it to be the best place to get a quick dose of fashion inspo, and the best part is that I can do it at night after I put the little guy down and have all my new outfit ideas ready to reference the next morning. Bazinga.

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Date Night: Color Blocked

If you would have told me just a year ago that going to see a movie on a school night would be the highlight of my week – I would have slapped you silly. Fast forward a year and I am here to tell you that after 10 years of being with my husband and 1 baby down – as cliché as it sounds, movie night is like gold when it comes to date night outings. I don’t know if it’s the perfectly buttered popcorn as it wafts out the theatre doors, or the oh-so-soft-to-the-touch velvety plush chairs that make you forget all about the fact that you just dropped $60 bucks on Milk Duds and a Coke (seriously what happened to the gold ole days?) Not to mention, that could have paid for those slip on sneakers at Nordstrom that I suddenly can’t live without, but I digress.

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Date Night: Leather & Studs

No, I didn’t rip that off of a chapter written by E.L. James…besides I think I’m the one woman on earth who didn’t read Fifty Shades of Grey. Which brings me to my point – Grant and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary this past Friday (oddly enough, we did not gift each other anything of the “wooden” variety – who comes up with these anniversary themes anyway??)

Instead, we set out on the town like a couple of kids with no curfew – which was halfway true, given that my mom took Garrett for the night so that we could have a proper date night. First stop, my favorite Italian restaurant in L.A., Terroni on Beverly Blvd. The homemade pasta literally just melts in your mouth, bringing back memories of when my late dad used to make it at home growing up (one of the many things I miss on a daily basis).

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Adventures in Shopping: Hunt for the Great White

A week ago I set out on the perilous, and at times tedious, hunt for the great white…t-shirt that is. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about shopping – it’s always when you’re looking for a certain piece of clothing, that it’s nowhere to be found (amirite?). Luckily I’ve perfected the art of the “power shop”, with the arrival of my son Garrett, and set out like a woman on a mission.

My mission was simple (and I chose to accept) – locate a single destination where you can hit up at least 4 stores (3 is too little and 5 is overwhelming). Fortunately, living on the Westside of LA has its perks where you can choose from Beverly Center/Beverly Connection, Westfield Century City, The Grove, and Santa Monica Place/3rd Street Promenade. On this particular day, I chose to power up for my shopping trip by lounging on the beach before hitting up the stretch of stores along the Promenade.

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Fashion’s Night Out a la Santa Monica

Last year was my first time to experience Fashion’s Night Out, and I dragged my more than willing husband (yah, he’s that good) to the Beverly Center where we braved the onslaught of folks trying to get a glimpse of some fall fashion (and a celeb or two). It was well worth it just for the sales alone – where and when else can you get a $20 pair of cork wedges!

This year, since I already knew what to expect at the Beverly Center (and I’d just hit up their labor day sales the weekend before), I was up for something new this time around. Lucky for me, Santa Monica Place partnered with Los Angeles magazine for FNO, complete with a fashion show hosted by none other than Fashion Editor Linda Immediato – check out her Haute List blog for some entertaining Fashion Editor Problems from FNO.

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My Week in Style: Safari Tuesday

Today I chose to pick a trend and commit to it from head to toe. I find it helps turn what could be a 15 min. outfit selection into a swift 5 min. – try it next time you find yourself staring into the oblivion of your closet.

When I first spotted the safari style a couple years back, I knew the key piece worth investing in would be a pair of fitted cargo pants. Around that same time Martin + Osa (the former American Eagle designer boutique) was going out of business, and there just happened to be one right around the corner from my office. With everything 70% off, I felt even more safe in my decision to try out the safari trend, and nabbed a pair of deep army green cargo pants.

I’ve since then added some key accessories, like a pair of rustic ankle boots from All Saints that I’ve literally been living in ever since I bought the last pair from Bloomingdales – god bless that sales person who hunted them down for me, no pun intended…





Striped Tank & Cargo Pants: Martin + Osa (splurge vs. steal). Blazer: Urban Outfitters (similar here and here). Boots: All Saints. Jewelry: cuff was a gift from my grandma, and turqouise ring was handed down by my mom, circa 1970. Sunglasses: random boutique buy from The Grove (cool acetate pair here).

My Week in Style: Graffiti Artist

This past weekend included a leisurely Saturday of Cardio Barre, lunch at Urth Caffe, and boutique shopping with a girlfriend along Beverly Dr. To top the day off, I hunkered down at home to some much needed light reading of my favorite magazines – Marie Claire, People StyleWatch, and ELLE (which just so happened to show up in my mailbox, as if the editors timed it that way).

Sunday followed, filled with the typical running of errands with the hubs, and was a perfect excuse for me to take my new All Saints boots out for a spin. Much like I suspected, they paired up nicely with a summer dress and military jacket – which has become a staple in the inevitable transition towards SoCal “June Gloom”.

After a successful WeHo Target run, we found ourselves at the Jet Rag Sunday yard sale, where one can sift through piles of vintage clothing and if you’re lucky (as I was this past Sunday), you just might find a 60’s inspired tweed blazer that fits just right – all for the great low price of $1. These photos were taken in the back alley where some graffiti artists let loose, and I drew some inspiration from them to channel my inner rocker chick…

Dress: Zara (splurge on Tibi embroidered dress). Jacket: Urban Outfitters (good alternatives here and here). Boots: All Saints (also love these and these). Jewelry: Jewelmint earrings & ring, Michael Kors watch. Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren Cat Eye