CH2T Covets: Boys Will Be Boys

I’ve always had a healthy appreciation for baby clothes and shoes (husband translation: she has a major baby shoe fetish). So when I found out last year that we were expecting our first child, I’m not gonna lie, dressing her/him up everyday was something I couldn’t help but get excited about. In fact, I remember being so relieved leaving my 12-week appointment that I marched myself across the street to the H&M at the Beverly Center – which happens to have a hidden mecca of baby clothes that were just waiting for me to snatch them up.

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CH2T Covets: Zara Mommy Blogger Collab

That’s it, I’m convinced, Zara is determined to take over my life and the world as I know it. It’s bad enough that they tempt me with every new collection, but really, they just had to go and create the cutest mini-clothes ever. Their latest Brothers & Sisters collab with mommy bloggers pinksugarland, ohjoy, and mokkasin seriously makes me consider popping out 10 more kids (sorry for the visual) just so I can outfit them in these amazing duds.

Here are just a few of my picks from the collection – a polka dot denim jumpsuit, I mean…

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