Desert-Themed Baby Girl Sprinkle

This past weekend I was so excited to celebrate our little lady’s upcoming arrival with friends and family at our baby sprinkle. My sweet neighbor and friend hosted the “desert-themed party w/ a southern twist” as I like to call it, with all my favorite tex-mex cravings (I’m still dreaming about the queso :). It was so special to be back in Texas and be surrounded with so many dear friends, both old and new, along with all their moms – who basically helped raise me. Grant’s mom, two sisters and niece all came, who I can’t imagine life without. And of course my mom and her best friend who were so kind to think of Garrett and bring him his own “Big Brother” party hat and more Hot Wheels to add to his already growing stock. Hope you enjoy the photos that my resident blog photographer and friend at Marlo Carroll Photography took of the festivities.

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CH2T Covets: Holiday Edition

I’m excited this year to finally be doing a Holiday Edition of CH2T Covets! Since I know outfits don’t just throw themselves together, I’ve listed some tips below to help guide some of your style and gifting choices for the holiday season upon us.

I’ve also featured my most recent addition to the CH2T accessories family – an uber cool JORD wood watch that I’ve paired with a Thanksgiving, Holiday party, and Christmas look. And you’re in luck my friends because I’ve partnered with JORD to offer y’all a Holiday Giveaway. Every person who enters will be instantly emailed a $25 e-gift code to use on their site! So check it out, and don’t be tardy for the party 😉

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Secrets of the Universe: Streicher Sisters x Bobbi Brown

“And now folks, introducing the 4th member of the Streicher Sisters” (crowd goes wild)…or at least that’s how it went in my dream. For months now, all I kept reading about was how these three sisters, Jenn, Kristie, and Ashley Streicher are taking LA by storm via their insane makeup, brow, and hairstyling skills – check out their monthly column on Violet Grey.

Now I know what you’re thinking – yes they are actually sisters, and no the name is not made up (contrary to my husband’s popular belief). They are just that cool. So when I heard my favorite girl band (seriously, would it not make for a killer band name?) would be hosting an event at Nordstrom at The Grove, introducing the launch of Bobbi Brown’s “Secrets of the Universe” – I sweet talked the hubs into watching the munchkin (aka chasing him around The Grove) while I got my fill of girl time.

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Pushing Forty: A Men’s Style Guide in 8 Simple Rules

imageEver since I met my husband Grant, he’s had impeccable style. I’m not talking like in the weird metro kinda way – I just mean the guy has taste, and good taste to boot. I was raised by an Italian father whose own style made most Americans look like, well, Americans. So I inherently appreciated Grant’s sensibilities around how to dress, and how to dress with a timeless, classic style. So against his better judgement, and possible bribing on my end, he’s agreed to guest blog for me this week on the wake of his birthday (the one before the big one). So listen up folks, I’m looking at you “guy in the graphic tshirt” – he’s only gonna say this once…

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CH2T Covets: Marsala is the New Oxblood

Last week, Pantone announced the color of the year for 2015 – Chicken Marsala. Wait, no…just Marsala. Sorry, I have food on the brain; those five bites of pasta I snuck in between shoveling the rest in Garrett’s mouth and dodging shots flung from his spoon didn’t make for much of a dinner. Let’s try that again – hold your applause please…”Marsala” is Pantone’s Color of the Year. Yes!!!!!!

Now I’m all for a good marketing pun, but let’s call it what it is – it’s burgundy, people. The same way that 2014’s Radiant Orchid was just a fancy way of saying “wear purple, it’s cool now.” What’s more, it’s actually an excuse to dig out all my old Oxblood pieces that I bought when that was the “it” color 2 years ago – no complaints here.

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CH2T Styling: Happy Clothesgiving

In light of the holiday season among us, and instead of falling victim to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday hoopla, I decided to finally do a closet purge and donate all my unwanted clothes. Luckily my office building is doing a clothing/toy drive, and I imagine many are this time of year. I also plan on donating some of my more business appropriate clothing & shoes to the local Dress for Success affiliate in West LA.

To take a step back – I was inspired to go through with my own closet cleanout after reading a style essay in ELLE recounting one woman’s attempt to embrace her thirties. Her mission was simply to clean out all the clothes she had held onto in a desperate attempt to stay young. I suddenly realized that I had been doing the same thing – holding onto clothes that had sentimental value, drumming up memories of my college years or shopping trips in NYC. So one night, I went from rack to rack and shelf to shelf, tossing clothes into bags one after another. I have to admit, it felt damn good – like I was finally going to be free of the past and heading towards being a real thirty-something adult.

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CH2T Covets: Banana Republic & Roland Mouret Collection

Thursday marks yet another day kicking off a killer collab between Banana Republic and fashion designer Roland Mouret. The sophisticated yet edgy collection is a dream come true for those looking to marry style with substance. Not only is the line perfect for everyday wear, but it also has that unique feel with every structured curve and delicate detailing that makes it worth investing in that one key wardrobe piece.

To kick things off in style, Banana Republic held a celeb-filled dinner in NYC on Tuesday night. Check out Julianne Hough sporting my favorite dress from the collection below, along with a few others I hope to snatch up come Thursday. Other notable fans of the designer, not present at the dinner, happen to be – Victoria Beckham, Halle Berry, Eva Mendes, Olivia Wilde…need I say more? If donning one of these puppies is the key to unlocking some kind of untapped sexuality, then sign me up, mister…

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Date Night: Leather & Studs

No, I didn’t rip that off of a chapter written by E.L. James…besides I think I’m the one woman on earth who didn’t read Fifty Shades of Grey. Which brings me to my point – Grant and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary this past Friday (oddly enough, we did not gift each other anything of the “wooden” variety – who comes up with these anniversary themes anyway??)

Instead, we set out on the town like a couple of kids with no curfew – which was halfway true, given that my mom took Garrett for the night so that we could have a proper date night. First stop, my favorite Italian restaurant in L.A., Terroni on Beverly Blvd. The homemade pasta literally just melts in your mouth, bringing back memories of when my late dad used to make it at home growing up (one of the many things I miss on a daily basis).

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My Week in Style: Gold Metal Wednesday

Ever since I can remember, whether as a little girl idolizing Mary Lou Retton or sharing in the amazement of Michael Phelps, I have always loved how the Olympics can make a dreamer out of anyone. So in honor of our SoCal beach volleyball Olympic champs, Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings, I dedicate today’s style to all things gold.

The top I scored a few weeks back from the Zara sale – it was just too hard to pass on those gold rivets and sheer softness of the material. The metallic gold strappy sandals were also a great find at one of Banana Republic’s ridiculous shoe sales…Don’t you just love getting compliments on something you know you only spent 30 bucks on?

I recently saw in the August issue of Glamour where the Editors pitched their best idea for a fashion/beauty-focused Olympic competition, such as “hair straightening” or “nail art”. Well, if bargain shopping ever made the cut, you better believe I’d be a qualifier.




Shirt: Zara. Jeans: Martin + Osa. Shoes: Banana Republic. Jewelry: Earrings from Aldo, Bracelet from Brandy Melville (also love the Stella & Dot Pyramid Double Wrap Bracelet), and Ring was a birthday gift a friend bought for me at last years Thread Show in Downtown LA.