How to Style an Animal Print Skirt for Fall

CH2T Styling: 4 Ways To Wear An Animal Print Skirt For Fall

In case you haven’t noticed, animal prints are everywhere, and I mean e-ver-y-where. I held out for as long as I could, but once it hit the “suburban runways” and made it cool for us stay-at-home moms to rock a leopard print – you better believe I jumped on it like a kid on Christmas. But I’ve always been one to make a trend my own. Meaning – I don’t like to just go along with it just cuz it’s popular. Let’s just say – I draw the line at socks with heels. I also usually sit on a trend for a few months, sometimes even a year, to make sure it’s sticking around before I take the plunge. Even if it’s something I love right off the bat, like animal prints, I still feel the need to put my own “CH2T Styling” twist on it to make it truly feel like my own.

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