CH2T Styling: How to Style a Graphic Tee

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I don’t always wear t-shirts, but when I do, they’re graphic 😉 There’s just something about a cute tee with a catchy slogan or holiday theme, that makes me whip out my wallet faster than you can say “mom uniform.” It doesn’t help matters when your friend happens to own a custom t-shirt and embroidery shop, Landstaylor Designs, and taunts you with cute new styles on their FB page everyday. It’s ok girl, I’m not mad atcha 😉 As far as all the others I’ve acquired over the years? Most are a from a mix of Zara, Anthropologie, Banana Republic, or H&M and I’ve learned just how versatile they can be in your wardrobe. From layering over a dress, tucking into a pair of high-waisted jeans, or just throwing over a pair of leggings and adding a hat – I’m all about this look. 

Check out a video I just shot where I style each of my favorite ways to wear a graphic tee, and head on over to my IGTV channel to see more weekly styling videos!

Styling Video: Multiple Ways to Style a Graphic Tee


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