Cha Cha’s Two-nicorn Birthday Party

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If you told our little Cha Cha that she just turned two, I’m pretty sure she’d look at you like you had three heads. Cuz as far as she’s concerned, she’s been ruling this roost for a hundred years at least, and we’re all just here for her entertainment ? But truth be told, as much as we joke about our little “boss baby,” I must tell you – she’s also the kindest and silliest soul. She loves her bubba the most, and calls out to him every morning from our bed. She adores daddy and frantically waves at him with exclamations of “HI DADA!!” barely letting him in the door every day he gets home from work. As for me, I always knew I wanted a daughter, but I never would have imagined she’d be the sheer spitting image of me and I live for her sweet mama snuggles.

Because I haven’t done a little love letter to our Cha Cha in a while, here are the 10 things I love about her – 2 year Bday Edition ? I’m also sharing some sweet snaps from her “Two-nicorn” bday party we had with family and a few dear neighbors – I’ve linked some of my fave party favors as well! A big thank you to my sweet and talented friend at Landstaylor Designs for making Charlotte’s birthday shirt ?

Shop Cha Cha’s Two-nicorn bday faves


10 Things I Love About You: 2 Years Old

1) I love Watching your strong personality develop and know it will serve you well someday – if it doesn’t kill me first ?

2) I love how you love to help just like your big bro and use your manners like such a big girl

3) I love that you are fiercely independent and insist on doing almost everything yourself – if only that would translate into sleep!

4) I love hearing you say more and more words each day with the sweetest little accent I think I’ve ever heard

5) I love how you’ve started to show those around you that you love them & you give the best bear hugs!

6) I love that you love to sing – “twinkle twinkle little star,” “The ABC’s,” and “the wheels on the bus” are your faves

7) I love how you still have that awesome appetite you were born with – making your italian relatives proud

8) I love how you always want to snuggle for a while before you’re really ready to wake up in the morning – it makes my day

9) I Love that you’ve got your own little obsessions so different from your big bro – like dinosaurs, baby dolls and bubble guppies

10) I love knowing that you will grow up into a beautiful and kind woman someday and I’ll always cherish these early days I got to spend with you

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