Farmhouse Kitchen Revamp x ShelfGenie

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I still remember the first time we laid eyes on our little “Clear Lake fixer upper.” We didn’t know much about it – just that it was a foreclosure and had sat on the market for years. Kinda scary as first time home owners, and most people would have probably ran in the opposite direction. Nope, not us. Cuz we’re crazy like that ? We closed on it two weeks later and started renovations the very next day. After we tackled the poor excuse for a pool in our backyard, we knew the kitchen would need some work too. It was still sporting the “bathroom-like” ceramic tile backsplash from the ’90s, and the 50 coats of cream colored paint on the cabinets just had to go (see proof below). But just like any renovation – you can’t do it all. So we learned to live with the not-so-terrible Corian countertops, and I knew my kitchen storage/organization project would have to wait. Until now, thanks to ShelfGenie and their custom shelving solutions.

Before, Before

I knew I always wanted a pantry like you see on Pinterest or in those custom homes, where even the toothpicks have their own little organized nook. What I didn’t realize, until I was introduced to ShelfGenie, was how amazing Glide-Out™ shelving could be. You know that old saying “A place for everything and everything in its place” – well that might as well be ShelfGenie’s motto. Their custom shelving is like the ultimate way to organize your kitchen. I mean, how many times have you cursed those random casserole dishes, or tried reaching for pots and pans that are juuuust out of reach? Frustrating, right? So when I was offered an in-home consultation with my very own personal ShelfGenie designer – not gonna lie, I had a total Joanna Gaines moment ? I walked her through our kitchen where I explained the areas that I’d been desperately wanting to reorganize. Then we sat down and she showed me a custom rendition of our kitchen with all of the ShelfGenie upgrades we agreed upon. Here are the three main areas of our kitchen we decided to upgrade with ShelfGenie Glide-Out™ shelving.

How we upgraded our kitchen storage with ShelfGenie

1) Pantry Party

That’s exactly what it was like in my pantry before ShelfGenie entered the picture. It was like all the food was having a party that I wasn’t invited to. The spices were mixed in with the baking products, who were mixed in with the bread, who were mixed in with the pasta, etc. etc. Not to mention my poor attempt at creating a kids “snack shelf” basically resulted in half eaten crackers poured all over the shelf, or whole boxes of food accidentally dumped into the recycling bin below. Needless to say we needed a pantry overhaul in a bad kinda way. Everything now is organized by food category, and the spices even have their own little section to grow in. Cha Cha has been loving her new pull-out shelf and mama’s liking this new found independence aka not having to grab snacks for her every 2.5 seconds ?



2) Kids Crafts

I’ve always loved doing crafts, especially with Garrett who’s at the perfect age to take care of his craft supplies and put them back when he’s done with them. I never had a good storage spot for them – they’ve rotated from the kid’s food table, to his room, to the sun room, and now they’re final resting place – the kitchen. He also is obsessed with science and we recently started receiving Little Passports science kits. He gets so excited every time they come, but I’ve been struggling with finding a good place to store everything. Enter ShelfGenie. He now has his own two shelves separated with crafts on one and science experiments on the other. It’s been great because he knows where everything is now, and has an easier time cleaning up when he’s done. Now if only he could keep lil sis from ransacking it all – we’re working on that ?



3) Let’s Dish

Why are bottom shelves built so that you literally can’t get to any dishes?? Not helped by the fact that casserole dishes could not be made in more random sizes, so it’s not like you can even fit them inside each other. I know, I know – first world problem ? Either way, I’m thankful for ShelfGenie and their genius selves for coming up with so many awesome solutions for our “kitchen problems.” Get this – you know that annoying little divider between cabinets? Well that silly thing was making it nearly impossible for me to get any of my larger pots and casserole dishes in and out of the cabinets. So they were able to remove it and reattach it to the back of the cabinet so that it made one wide cabinet opening (see before/after photos below). I now can store all of my random casserole dishes, crock pots, etc. in harmony. Hallelujah, amen.



But the best part about of this – they handled everything seamlessly from start to finish. If you’re a busy mom like me – the last thing you need to take on is a kitchen renovation. So in the weeks that followed, we had a ShelfGenie Certified Installer come and finalize measurements for each cabinet/pantry shelving. The day of our installation I was shocked at how smoothly it went, and we could not be any happier with our kitchen storage transformation. I highly recommend their service if you’ve been looking into ways at organizing your own kitchen. I only touched on a few, but they literally have so many different options to choose from to fit all of your storage needs.

Happy organizing y’all!

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