How We Get Our Pool Summer Ready in 4 Easy Steps!

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This spring has been the mildest weather here in Houston – I’m talking, reminiscent of our SoCal weather days ? We’ve even joked that if it stays like this, we may consider living here forever ? But that joke’s on us, cuz in a bout T-minus two minutes it’ll be 95 degrees for 100 days straight this summer, and all I have to say is – thank goodness for pools!!

When I was a kid, I begged my parents to build a pool in our backyard, and like most dads out there – it was a hard no from mine. That’s why I was kinda shocked when my hubs didn’t scoff at the idea of our first home having a pool. What’s more, it was literally a swamp before we moved in. Hard to believe from these photos, but I assure you it came complete with snakes, debris, and stagnant water that attracted frogs from the four corners of the earth that took us months to get rid of. We first had to drain it, then hired a pool company to replaster it, lay new tile, and refinish the surrounding concrete. It was a good thing the pool was the first project we tackled, because when it was all said and done, it took quite a chunk out of our renovation budget. So for two years my hubs and I took it upon ourselves to learn how to keep up with a pool – trust me, neither one of us thought we’d ever know so much about pool chemicals.

Luckily, we found HTH® pool supplies and I’m telling you – we stock up on this stuff like there’s no tomorrow. Which is also why we like to shop for them at Walmart, since we’ve found they have the best prices by far. Trust me, that comes in handy when you’re needing to shop for pool supplies sometimes on a weekly basis, and mama ain’t made of money ? We’ve definitely learned a lot about what not to do when it comes to taking care of a pool, and HTH® makes it so easy with their “4-step program” to make pool management essentially foolproof. That’s a good thing, since my kiddos have been itching to get our pool summer ready (especially a certain five-year-old ?). I’m sharing the tips we’ve learned below along with a few cutie shots of our first dip in the pool this season!

Tips for Making Your Pool Summer Ready

1) Get With the Program

The HTH® 4-step program, that is. Y’all, I can’t believe how easy they’ve made it to keep track of your pool. Seriously, it’s like someone at HTH® headquarters was spying on us thinking to themselves “You’re doing it wrong.” ? Follow these steps with their corresponding products and you literally can’t go wrong ?

1) Balance

2) Sanitize

3) Shock

4) Prevent Algae

2) Two Peas in PODS

I gotta give my hubs credit – he’s basically a self taught “pool maintenance man.” He graduated from “pool boy” when he started working in phrases like “balancing high alkalinity” into everyday conversation. So he kinda geeked out when I showed him HTH® Pre-Measured, Water Soluble Pods™ ? They work just like laundry/dishwashing pods, which I’m all about. No more mess, no more measuring of chemicals – you toss ’em in and go. Done and done.

3) We’re Going to Wally World!

No I’m not talking about the Griswold’s fictitious theme park – but close, and quite possibly as exciting ?. It’s what my hubs lovingly refers to any trip to Walmart as. I honestly think it’s part him wanting to be Clark Griswold, and part him just getting that excited to be saving money. We can also shop for all the essential HTH® pool supplies, along with a whole portfolio of products for all our pool care needs.

4) TextStrip Me

Usually when someone says “text me” – you don’t expect it to come from your pool supplies. The HTH® TextStrips™ are just that cool. They’re multi-purpose 6-way test strips used to help you measure total chlorine, bromine, pH, total alkalinity, total hardness, and CYA levels. From there you can tell which of the HTH® line of pool products, PODS, etc. are needed to make your pool summer ready!

I hope these tips help you if you’ve been struggling to keep up with your pool, or maybe you’re in the midst of building one in time for summer. Either way – HTH® is here to help!

p.s. I’ll be at the pool if you need me ?

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  1. Aarika says:

    Pools are so fabulous during the summer! Thanks for the great tips on getting the pool ready in an easy fast way! I hope you have a lovely summer.

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