CH2T Styling: 4 Unconventional Styling Tips for Valentine’s Day

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Have you ever wondered where old school fashion rules came from? Or is that just something I geek out over? It truly is so interesting to me, and what’s the most interesting is just how much influence our culture and the times has on how we dress. I could literally go on and on for days about this topic but I’ll save that for another day. 😉 Since what I really wanted to touch on, is something I’ve struggled with for years…wearing pink. Phew. There, I said it. Don’t worry – I’m not about to unload a bunch of feminist rhetoric on you, hehe, it’s really just a personal thing. I’d much rather wear black, gray, white, and sometimes the occasional blue. But here’s my problem – two words. Valentine’s Day.


I mean seriously, what’s a pink-loathing girl to do? Wear red? Oh sure, I’ve tried that, and the whole time I couldn’t help but feel like everyone was staring at me. No thanks. Just gimme back my neutrals, please. 😊 Because I have a sneaking suspicion some of you may feel the same way – I’ve decided to share a few unconventional styling tips for my fellow earth tone-loving folks so that you too can celebrate Valentine’s Day in style. 👍

Unconventional Styling Tips for Neutral Lovers

Red, Red Wine

No, I’m not talking about your fave Merlot – although that does sound really good right about now 😋. I’m referring to my new favorite color – wine. It’s not too red. It’s not too pink. It’s juuust right. Bonus, it also happens to be in the earth tone family so I feel more myself when I’m wearing it. That’s what style is all about – wearing clothes that make you feel the most “you” so that you can show up confidently wherever you go.

I’ve linked the sweater I’m wearing here which is also the softest material I’ve ever worn – the hubs literally couldn’t stop petting me (get your mind outta the gutter). 😂

Shein Button Front V-Neck Knot Tee in Maroon

Hattie Now Designs Adalea Mini Tassel Earrings

Similar Styles

Pasty Pink

Ok, I know I said I hate pink. BUT, I must say, when I was pregnant with Charlotte – I don’t know if it was the hormones or what, but I all the sudden felt this overwhelming need to buy some sort of pink article of clothing. So I did what any self-respecting mom would do. I went to Old Navy. I found the pastiest pink sweater I could find – and no, I’m not talking pastel. I’m talking, it was so pasty it was almost white, and on clearance. Sold. In fact, I still bust that puppy out when I’m feeling overtly feminine and it’s like nobody even knows I’m wearing pink. 😉

Here are a few similar ones if you’re feeling adventurous –

50 Shades of Red

As much as I’d love to wear gray every day of the week – I recognize the fact that people may start to worry about my mental well-being. So I’ve slowly come to appreciate the color red – if not for the pure fact that it has so many varying shades to choose from, you really can’t go wrong. If you’re more on the fair side, I’d say go more towards the burgundy/maroon family. For darker skin tones you can get a lot more bold and go full on “lady in red” if you feel like it. I always like to have a few different shades to choose from – that I typically only bust out for Christmas. Because, Jesus.

I’ve rounded up a few for the bold, to the faint at heart –

I’m Blushing

Now I may not have appreciated the color “blush” had it not been for my own mom and sister-in-law for proving to me the true beauty in its ways. I will say – they are both blonde and blessed with a naturally tan skin tone so if you don’t fit that bill, you may find it washes you out a bit. So if you’ve been wanting to try wearing pink, but don’t want to go all out “Elle Woods” – I recommend a nice dusty rose in any of the styles I link below –


Ok y’all, I hope I’ve given a little pep talk for those of you who are color-shy, and some more styling tips for those who are already comfortable with color 😉

As always, you’re trusty stylist 💗


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10 thoughts on “CH2T Styling: 4 Unconventional Styling Tips for Valentine’s Day

  1. Marlynn @UrbanBlissLife says:

    Cute options! I’m loving that blush shade in particular. I’m so curious about Shein: have you purchased from there and had positive experiences? I keep seeing their ads and their clothes are super cute but I’ve never ordered from them before. Thanks for the fun styling options!

    • says:

      Thanks!! Blush is such a pretty and feminine shade 😊 I have! The quality is actually amazing for the price and I’ve tried other similar sites but weren’t nearly as impressed. Just know it can take a few weeks to receive your order but I think you can pay a little extra to expedite. Hope you end up snagging some good stuff!

    • says:

      Ha well I will say that they stain easily esp being suede so you def have to be careful wearing them out! Thanks 😊

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