10 Things I Love About You: 18 Months Old

I can’t believe the last one of these I wrote was 6 months ago on her first birthday. Our little Cha Cha has changed so much in just the last couple of months, it seems like that should be a year ago already. She went from just a baby-faced little thing, to a full on toddler with a mind of her own in what feels like the blink of an eye. Naturally we came up with a whole new crop of nicknames for her that seem to suit her just fine, such as: C-Rex (Grant’s personal fave), Charnado (my personal fave), Charmin Ultra, and Charley Davidson – just to name a few 😉 But without further ado, here’s our latest list of sentiments for our dear Charnado – happy half birthday little one 😍

1) I love all your facial expressions – you can go from a sweet smile, to a side-eye, to your infamous stink eye in less than 2.5 sec and it always has us in stitches 🤣

2) I love how you love to take pictures and you’ve seriously got the best “cheese face” around 😬

3) I love watching you get so excited for Dada to chase you around the living room, giggling hysterically the whole time 😆

4) I love how much you finally love bathtime…what I do not love – is fishing out the poo every other time 💩🤦‍♀️

5) I love that you will literally eat anything and you clearly got your passion for food from your Italian/Sicilian mama 😋

6) I love seeing the joy it brings you when your bubba pushes you in the swing 😊

7) I love your infatuation with belly buttons or “bell boos” as you call them 😂

8) I love how you just learned to kiss and you do it like a true Italian baby on both cheeks 😘

9) I love when you know it’s bedtime – you grab your woobie, 2 lovies, your baby doll and have to wave “nigh nigh” to dada and bubba before I can rock you to sleep 😴

10) I love more than anything just how spunky with a side of sweet you are and we couldn’t imagine life without our little “Cha Cha” in it…😍

10 thoughts on “10 Things I Love About You: 18 Months Old

  1. Lorilea says:

    So stinkin adorable! Such an incredible age and such a joy that you are on the front row seat to soak it all in! The photos were precious!

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