Cammeo HEAD TO TOE: 2018 Year in Review

How is it that another year is gone, just like that? I mean, 2018 feels like it didn’t even happen. For some reason – what should feel like a year went by, really only feels like a solid 6 months max. It’s like I woke up one day after Christmas, like woah, 2019 is just around the corner. Maybe it’s because so much happened last year. And maybe that’s why this year I was excited to actually get my hiney up off the couch and ring in the new year right – like we used to, before kids ?

So for fun I decided to do a little “year in review” to recap the craziness that was 2018. Also, call me sentimental, but someday I think it will be nice to look back and read how far I’ve come. Maybe a few months down the road, or maybe a few years. But hey, I’m not one to put a timestamp on growth – so here’s to where I’ve been and where I’ve yet to go ?

2018 Year in Review:

  • Jan – I started working again after having Cha Cha, and reaching goals with my blog that were only a dream the year before. My first ever TV appearance promoting my styling business aired on ABC13 – something I’d wanted to do for so long ?
  • Feb – Prompted by a new collab with Head & Shoulders – I cut BANGS!! ? Then spent the next 6-9 months growing them out, and have yet to cut my hair again ?
  • Mar – I started what ended up being a yearlong partnership with Evivo probiotics and finished the month off working with 8 more brands including Gerber, Dove and HappyBaby. Even had Cha Cha featured on Gerber’s social channels – a total pinch me moment ?

  • Apr – Invited for a second time to work with Head & Shoulders – but refrained from cutting bangs again ? Ended the month helping my good friend Hattie launch her new jewelry line Hattie Now Designs!
  • May – Kicked off the summer going to a little hidden beach we found with the kiddos ? Continued my blog momentum with new and renewed partnerships with Evivo and HappyFamily. Celebrated 9 years of marriage with my love ? Published my most popular blog post to date – 12 Weird Things All First-Time Moms Worry About
  • Jun – My blog traffic quadrupled over night, literally, after Evivo shared a post and it went viral. It was like Christmas in June! I partnered for a 3rd time with Gerber and secured a campaign with Huggies. I filmed a promo video for BlendSmart that would later lead to exciting opportunities ?

  • Jul – My blog traffic continued to boom and I couldn’t believe it was really happening. Garrett and I started an exciting partnership with Gymboree which has since jumpstarted his love of style. We celebrated lil Cha Cha turning 1 with a fun family vacation.
  • Aug – My BlendSmart video aired and it was so surreal (little did I know, just how surreal). Continued partnership with Evivo who shared my post again which kept my blog traffic up ? Launched a new campaign with Johnson’s Baby that I was super stoked about. Garrett started his last year of preschool ? The hubs started an intense travel schedule with work that would have him gone 80% of the time over the next few months ?
  • Sept – Cha Cha decided to stop breastfeeding out of the blue leaving me in emotional turmoil ? The 14th anniversary of my dad passing inspires an honest post about honoring our loved ones. My BlendSmart video gets picked up to air on The View’s “View Your Deal” segment and I kinda can’t believe it ?

  • Oct – Garrett celebrates his 5th bday with a Ghostbusters party ? The next day I co-host a baby shower for my sweet friend and neighbor ? A few weeks later, I turn another year older ? I start a partnership with KIND bars which later will lead to an ongoing relationship in 2019 ?
  • Nov – The election’s over and the hubs is home! I launch my first digital branding course “The Making of a Brand” and feel so fulfilled being able to finally put my years of marketing experience to good use. My Instagram growth finally closes in on my goal of hitting 5k followers by the end of the year. A slew of sponsored Instagram posts follow starting a trend that will continue thru the holidays.
  • Dec – I land a huge IG collab with Pampers that ends my year on a professional high note. Finish out the year with my last sponsored blog for Theraflu. Then sign my biggest contract to date with P&G and Target set to launch in the new year, and makes me realize just how far I’ve come. From feeling so frustrated because I didn’t know where to start or what to do to turn my blog from a hobby to a business. To now having my first successful year of full time blogging under my belt and feeling so optimistic for the new year ahead ?

A huge shout out to all of you for being here and supporting a mom living out her dreams. I promise to always keep things real and create a space for us all to be inspired by. Here’s to a new year of rockin it like a mother ?


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12 thoughts on “Cammeo HEAD TO TOE: 2018 Year in Review

  1. krystal says:

    Congratulations on nailing those campaigns! I Work in influencer marketing and I know that every job I hire for can bring someone’s family so much joy!

    • says:

      Thank you!! That’s so awesome – I used to work in digital marketing but never got to work with influencers much, mostly just brands – you totally get it ?

    • says:

      Thank you Mary Leigh!! I love that we’ve gotten to see each other grow and so awesome to be able to support one another the way we do ?

    • says:

      Thanks!!! That’s so great to hear since I know those early days of blogging so well and I loved getting inspiration from other bloggers. I’m happy to answer any questions if you ever have any for me!

  2. Reese says:

    What an eventful year you had! You have made so many strides with your blog and your business this year and I can only imagine how far you will go in 2019!

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