Mom Jean Confessions: How The Murrays “Do Sick Differently”

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We all know the drill. One kid gets sick, then one parent gets sick, then the other kid gets sick, aaaand the parent who thought they were in the clear – nope, sick as a dog. I’ve talked to so many mamas who’ve gone through this sick cycle (literally) year after year, and have just come to accept their fate. For some it’s the month of October (which was our family this year), and for others it’s January – but we all embark on the same “mama ritual” of loading up on all the meds in preparation for the sick days ahead. Well, this year our little Murray clan is “doing sick differently” with the help of Theraflu’s newest innovation: Theraflu PowerPods at Walmart! This “magic in a pod” as I like to call it, could not be any easier to use – just “Press. Sip. Relief.” In fact, it’s as if Theraflu came up with the idea of PowerPods specifically with parents in mind – they’re easy, effective and convenient. Now that’s a parent’s dream right there.

I will say, now that we have 5 years of parenting under our belts – I’d like to think we’ve learned a few tips and tricks along the way. One being, how to creatively get through cold and flu season. So here are some of the ways we “beat the snot” outta those dreaded sick days, along with some highlights as to why we’re choosing Theraflu PowerPods this time around.

The Murrays “Do Sick Differently” Game Plan:

  • Wash your hands: yes, even if you just washed them – wash them again!
  • Sanitize the heck outta that place: nothing is off limits – ‘cept maybe the dog
  • Humidifiers are your friend: I keep that thing pumping air even when nobody’s around
  • Go buy that vacuum you’ve been fantasizing about mama: trust me, it’s worth the money if it sucks up all those germs
  • Toy purge: because lord only knows what is growing inside that 5 year old toy
  • Gummy vitamins: don’t judge, adults can take gummies too
  • When in doubt, Theraflu PowerPods to the rescue!: “do sick differently” and get fast relief, brewed instantly

Why we love Theraflu PowerPods:

  • Compatible with most single-serve coffee pod machines (Keurig, Mr. Coffee, Hamilton Beach, Cusinart, iCoffee, AIcok, BELLA, Black + Decker, Aquverse, and CHULUX3)
  • Can help relieve your most severe cold and flu symptoms including nasal congestion, sore throat, cough, headache, body aches and fever
  • There’s also a Nighttime formula that relieves runny nose and sneezing (use as directed)
  • You can snag them at Walmart, which is our go-to spot to shop for cold and flu season

I hope these tips get your through the inevitable sick days ahead, and don’t forget to grab the new TheraFlu PowerPods at your local Walmart store!

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