Mom Jean Confessions: Hosting for the Holidays with Kids

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This Thanksgiving marks two years since we’ve been in our first house, aka our little fixer upper house baby ?. Call me crazy, but I love hosting family for the holidays. Bring on the drama, food, and kids running all over tarnation – I love it. I really, truly love it. ? I think it all started when we lived in NYC. It was just the two of us and I was bound and determined to learn how to cook a real Thanksgiving meal – just like mama used to make. Fast forward, and I now have nearly a dozen Thanksgivings under my belt and still going strong. Except these days I’m catering more towards tiny humans with very particular taste buds, rather than cooking a gourmet meal for people who will actually take more than three bites of their food before declaring “I’m donnnnnne!!” So this “Mom Jean Confessions” is all about hosting for the holidays with kids, and surviving thanks to Red Baron pizza ?

Trust me, with two little ones, I have my fair share of mealtime “war stories” – especially during the holidays. So when I found out we’d be hosting 11 of our family members, 6 of whom would be staying at our house for the long Thanksgiving weekend – I knew I had to bring in reinforcements in the form of Red Baron pizza. As chaotic as things can get when you’re trying to feed not only big people, but picky little people – Red Baron pizza is like my secret weapon just standing by in the freezer, waiting to save the day.

Our favorite is their Classic Crust pepperoni pizza, and in 11 different flavors, you really can’t go wrong. I don’t know about you, but after eating turkey, turkey sandwiches, turkey salad, turkey turkey (ok, you get the idea) – come Saturday night, no one wants to look at another turkey til next Thanksgiving. So this holiday – give that turkey a night off and treat the fam to some scrumptious Red Baron pizza and call it a day ?

Hope y’all had an awesome Thanksgiving! I know we did, and I’m so thankful for our family – oh yah, and pizza…in that order ?

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