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Solo-Parenting. Safe to say it’s something you don’t include when you daydream about that perfect family, with the two kids you’ll have some day. But then again, there are a lot of things I left out – mounds of laundry, toys e-ver-y-where, screaming kids boycotting bedtime, etc. etc. You get the idea 😉 So when my hubs told me he’d be taking on essentially a second job that would allow me to keep working from home and growing my business, yet it would mean it would have him traveling more (correction, a whole heck-of-a-lot more), I told myself – I got this. I mean, c’mon, if anyone can parent around a crazy work schedule, I can. We used to live in LA and I worked full-time at a magazine while the hubs worked nights mostly, and just generally random hours. We made it through that, so we can make it through this. Prepare for rude awakening, where I forgot one very important detail. We had one kid, and not just any kid – the best, most well-behaved child ever. My mom was also a five minute drive down the road and pretty much our full-time nanny…Now enter Cha Cha. The easiest baby ever, but let’s just say she’s making up for it in toddlerhood. So now I’m not only juggling a kid who’s 5-going-on-40, but also a very strong-willed 1 year old who thinks “No” is code for “Smile at mom and do it anyway.” With all that said, we’re now coming to the end of our “solo-parenting saga,” and I felt like it was the perfect time to do some reflecting and also share some of my top three tips on how to survive if you find yourself in a similar situation. Read on and prepare to be enlightened 😉

Tip #1: Surefire Ways to Keep Your Littles Fed and Happy (with the help of Beech-Nut® Naturals™) 😁

If you’re like me, and happen to have two of the most active and hungry kids on the planet, then this one’s for you. Seriously though, my kids never. stop. eatingggggg. My mother-in-law and I have running joke that I just need to open up my own grocery store, cuz it’s that bad y’all.

Lucky for me, I have two grocery stores less than a mile in either direction from our house (p.s. please tell me I’m not the only one who considers this one of the top 5 factors when moving to a new place??) I’m also one of those moms who fills, not one, but two carts full of groceries because that’s just how I roll. For my son I have his grocery list pretty down pat, but for Charlotte it’s a little trickier. The good thing is, she loves to eat. The bad thing is, she loves to eat. Lol, but luckily I remembered how much Garrett loved Beech-Nut® Naturals™ when he was a baby so I started her out on their Stage 2 jars of Apple & Pumpkin; Just Sweet Corn & Green Beans; and Apple, Cinnamon & Granola.

So as much as I’d love to pretend I have all the time in the world to be making every single piece of food she eats from scratch – I just don’t these days. I’m so grateful though that Beech-Nut® Naturals™ is inspired by homemade, and made with real fruits and vegetables, just like you would use at home. Thank goodness, and one less thing mama has to worry about in the long list of solo-parenting responsibilities. Can I get an amen?!

Tip #2: When in Doubt, Get Out

I feel like most moms are on board with this one. When the kids start acting cray – take them out. Anywhere out – the park, the zoo, the library, heck – the front yard. Trust me, the faster you get them outta the house, the faster your sanity will return. I mean, not all of it, but the important part at least. The part that allows you to make it through the rest of a 14 hour day. Yes, you heard me right. Staying home may not seem like much to some, but because I’ve been on both sides of the fence and was so sure the grass was always greener on the side for moms who got to stay home (bahahahahaha), I’m here to tell you that I’m now a believer. A believer who finally understands that being home with the kids is hard work too. Add a husband being gone for days, sometimes weeks, on end and you’ve got yourself a recipe for one tired mama. I will say though that as hard as it is, and even in the hardest of moments, I try to make myself remember that this is what I always wanted. Sure, do I wish my hubs could be home with me even if it’s only for an hour or two at night so he can feel the joy that I feel when I see our two littles together? Sure I do. But I also know that this is only temporary and before we know it, we’ll be a family of four again. I truly feel for the moms out there who do this momming thing on their own. You are all rockstars, and should be sainted.

Tip #3: Thank You For Being a Frienddddd

I’m so fortunate to have a neighbor who’s now become a close friend, aka “chief sanity-restorer”, and who happens to have two kids close in age to mine. We have a pact to text each other when we’ve hit yellow on the “mom-sanity” meter. For me it’s usually in the form of “Can I come over to bring you back the [insert non-urgent thing] I borrowed from you 5 days ago?” Which to her translates to “I’m about to lose my mind, and I’m bringing wine.” Vise versa, I know that when I get a text that reads “the kids are riding bikes in the driveway,” is actually code for “there’s only an hour until dad gets home, and I can’t handle being in the house one more minute – want to join me?” Y’all, if you don’t have that one person who would drop everything to be there to help you in a pinch, then put out a “want ad” right now. Hmmm I think I just invented a new app – it’s like Tinder but for “Mom-Dating.” Ok, brb, going to patent that before y’all steal my idea 😉 Anyway, all I’m saying is – I couldn’t have made it through these past several months without the wonderful friends (and family too, but they’re family so they have to  help, hehe), who’ve seen me through the worst days and the best days too. I owe y’all, but I know you wouldn’t accept anything even if I tried, and that’s what it’s all about people.

Well, as much as I wouldn’t wish our situation on anyone, I do hope that the next time you find yourself solo-parenting – these three tips will get you through it. Just know us moms are all in this together and if you want any more advice I’m happy to help – so comment/ask away!!

Also, a big thanks to Beech-Nut® Naturals™ for being my partner in feeding 😁. You can visit the “Where to Buy” page on their website to find a retailer near you, and just look for the Beech-Nut® Naturals™ iconic green cap!

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      Oh gosh I can only imagine what it’s truly like raising children on your own but after this year of my hubs traveling so much – I can say it’s def not easy!

    • CammeoH2T@gmail.com says:

      Yes and yes!! Same here – sooo grateful for family and friends thru the tough times! They’re food is the best!

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