4 Ways to Pretend It’s Fall in the South

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It’s no lie y’all – if fall were a joke, the South would be the butt of it. Especially here in Texas where you get one, maybe two, solid months of “fall-like weather.” Texas – where every person and their mom rushes to the pumpkin patch the minute the calendar hits October 1st. Where the first sound of a leaf dropping, is actually your cue to layer every fall piece of apparel you own for fear that you’ll have to wait 10 more months before you can wear your coveted Uggs again. I don’t know why (yes I do), but I get the feeling that all the other states are just laughing at us on social media 🤔 Well have no fear, if you or someone you love happens to reside in the unfortunate “fall-barren” territory of the South – here are some tried & true ways to at least pretend to enjoy the holiday everyone else actually gets to experience for more than 2 days. OH, and did I mention it involves tea? Lots and lots of tea 😬

Step 1: Decorate Your House like it’s the Fine Art Museum of Pumpkins

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking ya. I love me some mini pumpkins as much as the next gal, and you better believe I start stocking up at the first sign of fall. I stalk those HEB workers like a hawk – poor guys never knew what hit em. My MIL happens to know the way to my heart and bought me these uber cute ceramic pumpkins and farmhouse sign for our dining room. Naturally Charlotte wants to shatter – I mean, play with them all – so we’ll see how long they last 😉

Step 2: Drink LOTs Of Tea aka Fall in a Cup

Confession time – I am not a coffee drinker (don’t all unfollow me at once) 😉. But I do love a nice warm cup of tea – my late British father would be proud 😊 My favorite is Celestial Seasonings Honey Vanilla Chamomile. Y’all it seriously tastes like fall in a cup, I’m not even kidding. And if you think that’s awesome – just the sheer smell of it makes me want to cozy up in my softest sweater gazing out the window at the leaves falling on the ground. Ok, that last part was a total daydream cuz in these pics I’m totally just staring at green grass and trees with fully-intact leaves. Still. In October…smh. Anywayyyyy. I can also get behind a brand that is all about high quality teas that are good for you, and good for the world with their dedication to sustainability. That’s a win/win in my book, folks. If you haven’t tried them yet – I highly recommend their Vermont Maple Ginger and Sleepytime flavors which you can find all of these at Walmart. And for all you busy mamas out there, it’s also available for online grocery pick-up – nice.

Step 3: remind your neighbors you know what holiday it is

No seriously. We all have that neighbor who’s the first to adorn their front door with whichever holiday appropriate wreath’s time is up. I commend you, and sometimes, I am you. I’d be lying if I said I don’t have at least four, possibly five, wreaths just waiting in a dark hall closet for their turn to be used again. I even have it memorized down to the day when Homegoods starts swapping out their summer (aka most unfun decorating season ever) to fall decor. Now if only I could remember why I walked in there in the first place – seriously, the best waste of my life.

Step 4: Post Pics of Your Kids Doing Fall Things Because, Well, You Can

I mean, if you don’t post pictures of your kids at a pumpkin patch – are you even a mom? No self-respecting mom, that is. So what are you waiting for – pack those kids in the Odyssey and get going to every pumpkin patch from here to Cut and Shoot (Yes, that’s an actual town in TX). Just be sure to have your iPhone X ready in portrait mode because, again – if you don’t post it on Instagram, did it really even happen??

Alright I’m done messing around. I gotta go drink some tea, while hanging a wreath and strategically placing pumpkins on my front porch, while writing a sponsored IG post about “4 Ways to Pretend It’s Fall in the South.” Touché.

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      Hehe thanks! I figured I’d have a little fun with it esp cuz we’re always whining here in TX about it being still in the 90s during the Fall 😉

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