“Cha Cha’s Bloomin’ One” Cactus First Birthday Party

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Well, it’s official. Our little Cha Cha turned one and is definitely not a baby anymore. She’s a walking, talking (although these days it’s more screaming), full fledged toddler. I always wished I’d had more of the baby months with my first – Garrett weaned and walked at 10 months old and mama was not ready for either. So hey, at least I got a couple more months with Charlotte, who just started really walking in the past week – on her first birthday, believe it or not. I keep joking what a strong-willed child she is, and she was gonna make darn sure she’d be walking by her first bday. Well played, Cha Cha, well played.

So to commemorate the finale of her first year, I thought it would be fitting to do one last edition of “10 Things I Love About You.” I also wanted to share some of my favorite snaps we captured from her birthday party with the fam. It just so happened we’d already had a summer vacay in the works with my hub’s fam, and I figured how fitting to have a cactus themed party in the rustic Texas Hill Country. You can find links to all the DIY I tackled with my amazingly creative and talented sister-in-law (gotta love teachers) above. Plus all the “smash cake” gluttony your heart desires – girlfriend got into it, man ?

10 Things I Love About You

1) I love how you’ve decided you’re “one of the boys” now and beg to wrestle with daddy & big bro.

2) I love when you get so tickled playing “peek a boo” like it’s the first time every time.

3) I love how you waddle around with your belly out and always carrying something in your hands.

4) I love how every time daddy comes home from work or traveling – you start waving like crazy when you see his truck, saying “dada dada dada.”

5) I love that you still let me nurse you, knowing these days are numbered so I’m trying to enjoy every second of it.

6) I love that you have your own little personality now, so different from your big brother.

7) I love that you know what you want to eat, when you want it, and there’s not much you won’t try.

8) I love your little stink face you make when you don’t approve of something or someone.

9) I love how you’ve learned how to start making animal noises on command like a puppy and a dinosaur.

10) I love how you cackle at your big bro as you chase each other around the house like a couple of hooligans.

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10 thoughts on ““Cha Cha’s Bloomin’ One” Cactus First Birthday Party

    • CammeoH2T@gmail.com says:

      Aw thank you so so much! It’s been really fun to do along the way and you’re right – I think someday she’ll love reading them ?

  1. Amanda Martin says:

    Oh my, all of this is adorable including your little one! I love the party theme (cactus fanatic right here) – I don’t have kids yet but I’m already stashing 1st birthday themes in the back of head for the future! I love how fun they are these days.

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