Mother’s Day Becomes Father’s Night

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So much changes when you have another child, and not just in the conventional ways. Sure there’s always a period of adjustment, especially when you wait almost 4 years to have another. It’s like just the right amount of time to get used to having an only child, and then wham – everything changes with the birth of a new baby. I still remember my hubs having a little heart-to-heart with me before the baby came, after I expressed some insecurities and anxieties I’d been feeling in one of my more honest pregnancy posts. And like always, we tackled this new phase in life as a team and figured out ways he could start helping out more with Garrett. One way we knew we had to tackle was bedtime. I’d gotten into the habit of laying with Garrett in his bed every night until he fell asleep – and it doesn’t take a genius to realize that was not gonna fly once a baby was in the picture. So Grant started taking over with Garrett at night which at first I was sad about, because it was just another thing to remind me that he was growing up and didn’t need me as much anymore. But then a funny thing happened – I got to witness the most special bond developing between a father and his son right before my eyes.

Now, every night, Garrett truly loves his special time with just daddy. Grant gets home from work, Garrett runs out to greet him and climbs into his truck to play for a bit. Then they spend about 10-15 min in our bedroom “wrestling” on the bed as Garrett calls it, and they’ve even made up silly little antics and I’ll catch Garrett saying things like “wrestle me like a bull daddy!” It’s not only a great way for them to bond, but it also serves as the best energy release that all little boys need and that I swear by now before bedtime. Later, we all enjoy dinner around the dining room table which is equal parts eating and silliness between big bro and little sis that always leaves us in stitches. Afterwards, we typically spend a little time outside either going for a walk or visiting with neighbors until Cha Cha starts fussing for bedtime.

That’s when the boys get some quality alone time in watching a Peppa Pig marathon, and reading whichever books we’ve checked out from the library that week. After sharing some popcorn, Garrett knows the drill from there – time to go brush his teeth, get his GoodNites and grab a pair of PJs. They then curl up on the couch and we say our good nights before dozing off to sleep in daddy’s lap. It’s seriously the sweetest thing. That is, until you have to carry all 45 lbs of him down the hall to his room without banging his head against a wall – clearly a task best reserved for dad.

As you might imagine, this dad could use a break. So this Father’s Day I’ve decided to take on bedtime duty with the help of GoodNites – because having that peace of mind, knowing we won’t get woken up in the night with a wet bed, is priceless. And because I’m all about ways to save money these days (seriously, what mom doesn’t love Amazon?) I’ve been using Amazon’s Subscribe & Save option this time around to buy our favorite Huggies Little Snugglers for Cha Cha and GoodNites for Garrett. It’s seriously so easy and is just one less thing we had to worry about when adjusting to our new family of four routine. Speaking of routines, I finally feel like we’ve hit our stride with Charlotte – it only took 10 months, ahem. But all’s well that ends well, right 🙂 Now if only I could get her to stop wiggling around so much on the changing table!! I swear it takes 20 props and a full on song-and-dance just to get her bottom in those Huggies – proof below ?

This Father’s Day, Huggies would love to help your family celebrate with up to $3 off on Huggies, Pull-Ups and GoodNites + 20% off and free delivery through Amazon Family Subscribe & Save. As my best friend’s mom would say “Such a deaaaaaal honeyyyyy” ?

8 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Becomes Father’s Night

  1. Maddy says:

    We are trying for a second with a four year + age gap. I’m so glad we got special time together, but am nervous for the changes that will happen. Glad you guys have found your stride!!

    • says:

      I totally hear you! I wanted a second baby so badly and it took longer to have our second so by the time we did I was a nervous wreck since I’d gotten so used to just the one. But it really is awesome having two and you figure it out as you go ? Good luck!!

    • says:

      Yep! And we’ve got a good routine finally with our baby girl so after 8pm mama’s out ✌️?

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