10 Things I Love About You: 10 Months Old

Well, I had every intention of doing one of these posts when Charlotte turned 9 months old – but wowzas, the last month has been a doozy. Poor Cha Cha was practically sick the entire 9th month of her life – a terrible UTI that had us in and out of the Ped’s office 20 billion times, a crazy virus that had Charlotte’s fever spiking to 104 in the night, and made its rounds to each of us which was super fun. She also started to crawl which was exciting…until it wasn’t. This girl is into e-ver-y-thinggggg. I honestly don’t think I baby proofed one thing (ok, maybe the stove/oven) with Garrett, but with Charlotte – let’s just say, I “Amazon Primed” toilet lid clamps after a certain someone decided it would be fun to go splashing in the half bathroom when mommy wasn’t looking (gross).

But like they say – everything is a phase. Seriously though, I feel like this time around, as soon as I get used to her being one way, I turn around and she’s already learning some new “trick.” In fact, one of my girlfriends has a little boy born just days apart from Charlotte, and we’ve figured out a formula: Liam does “x” trick = Charlotte will do “x” trick 1 week later. So we’ve got an agreement – she texts me anytime he learns something new (e.g. crawling, standing up in crib, etc.) so that I know to prepare myself. It’s like my very own “baby hurricane warning” system. When it escalates to a “watch” – then I know I only have days to batten down the hatches and prepare for Hurricane Cha Cha.

Since I felt like I better hurry up and document all that’s happened recently (before she up and starts walking and talking) – I’m calling this one my “10 for 10.” Just say a little prayer for us that everyone stays healthy all summer while daddy’s traveling and GaGa’s in LA – and a big prayer for mama’s sanity ?.

1) I love how you belly laugh while you watch daddy and big bro do their nightly wrestling sesh.

2) I love when you wake up in our bed and sit up to see if dada’s there – then grin from ear-to-ear whispering “dada, dada, dada” until he wakes up.

3) I love how once you learned to crawl – you went from 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds.

4) I love how anytime I ask you to say “mama” you say “dada” (not cool, Cha Cha, not cool).

5) I love that you learned how to hold a sippy cup in a day (phew).

6) I love that you never cry when you fall, you just plop down and roll back in slow motion without ever hitting your head.

7) I love that you’re such an “Italian” baby who loves to eat – spaghetti is your fave!

8) I love all the silly faces you make – esp when you scrunch your nose up and push your lips out trying to make us all laugh.

9) I love how you and Garrett are already thick as thieves  – which may be trouble someday ;).

10) I love most of all how much joy and love you’ve brought to this family that we never knew was missing…

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