5 Ways to “Own” Your Mom Car

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I’ve got a mom car. There, I said it. After my first was born there was a period of denial, but once that second baby came – bam, it hit me. Yup, total mom car. And you know how I know? My four year old started saying things like “Mama, your car kinda smells like trash.” Followed by my hub’s disapproving glances and likening the stench to black licorice. Greeeaaaat. Or it could’ve been when my favorite purse, “car lipstick,” and sunglasses got outnumbered by a giant diaper bag, hot wheels, and teethers. It all happened so fast, like a Texas tornado, and there was no time for mourning – only acceptance, and ultimately pride. That’s right, I’m dang proud of that mom car of mine and I’m not afraid to say it. So raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by your kids, husband, or worse – another mom (you like that Mean Girls reference ;). I see you mama, and I’m here to show you 5 ways to “own” that mom car of yours. Cuz ain’t nobody got time for a car wash. 

1) Freshen Up

Ok, this one right here is the golden rule of mom cars. Trust me, I learned the hard way. It’s one thing to accidentally leave a sippy cup or two in the car for a few days – it’s a whole other thing to leave a sippy cup, crushed Goldfish, orange peels, peanuts, melted raisins, wet towels, dirty socks (ok you get the idea). So unless you want to be mom-shamed by your family, do yourself a favor and stock up on some Refresh Your Car®! Vent Sticks and Mini Diffusers like I did and call it a day. A very long day, but at least you can drive around to school drop-offs, gymnastics, basketball practice, and play dates smelling the sweet aromas of Wildflowers & Love™ (Garrett’s personal fave Refresh Your Car®! scent) – instead of a dirty gym bag on wheels ;). You can visit RefreshYourCar.com to see the extensive line of products, or find a retailer to sniff out your signature “mom car” scent. And because I’m all about sharing the love to my fellow mom carpoolers – head on over to my Instagram where you can enter for a chance to win your own Refresh Your Car®! Prize Pack. Winner will be selected at random by a blind lottery on June 7th. Good luck!

2) Meals on Wheels

I don’t know about you, but my kids could have just been served a five-course meal, and the minute they get into the car it’s as if you’ve been rationing food for days. Seriously, it’s just like Pavlov’s bell. Except it’s the sound of the car starting up that makes their mouths water, and expect a snack the minute their butts hit the seat. So unless you want 15 minutes worth of fussing and yelling, then I suggest you come fully prepared with a car full of food. Yes I realize this just self-perpetuates the “stinky car” situation, but at least you know it was for a good cause – mama’s sanity. And we all know how priceless that is.

3) Wash Me

This one is much less a rule, as it is a warning, so I’ll keep it short and sweet. If you don’t want to be publicly humiliated by the 20-something year old dude at the local car wash saying things like “Oh youuuuuu’re the one with the caked-on raisins” (not that that ever happened, ahem) – then I suggest maybe washing your car, ohhh say every other month instead of every 6 months (cough). You can even get your kiddos involved, which is what my neighbor and I do, and have a car wash party in the drive way – it’s free and no one gets shamed. Win, win.

4) Carpool Karaoke

Ok, so it may not be as entertaining as the real Carpool Karaoke, but not gonna lie – mama’s kinda got some skills when it comes to karaoke in the car. Before kids, I would use road trips as an excuse to show off my hidden talent of playing the “air drums, guitar, violin, etc.” to the hubs. Now, I prefer to embarrass my 4 yr old son with renditions of Bohemian Rhapsody or Safety Dance ;). My point is to not be afraid to use that time in the car with your kids as a way to connect and teach them a love for the arts – cuz I mean really, who doesn’t love a dance party featuring Men House Without Hats? And don’t worry about being caught mid “air drum” at a red light – cuz you know all the other mom cars should be rocking out too.

5) Outta Sight, Outta Mind

Aaaand when all else fails – throw it in the back, mama. I mean, that’s what all that cargo space is meant for anyway, right?? Currently I have a soccer ball, nerf football, cargo jacket, sweater, fleece, kids hoodies, park blanket, beach towel, portable high-chair, oh and a ridiculously large double stroller that somehow fits on top of all of it – as seen by exhibits A-D below. Don’t judge.

Alright, fess up – how bad is your mom car? Did I miss any good tips? Would love to hear them 🙂 Also, don’t forget the golden rule and freshen up your mom car with one of these yummy Refresh Your Car®! scents!

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      Yes!! It’s such a nice thing to have when you open the door and not have to smell gross Mom car stench ?

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