Top Three Reasons Why It’s Cool to be a Mom – Because, Science


Before I had kids, I always knew I wanted to have lots of them – kids of my own, adopted kids, heck, even fostered kids – I wanted them all. Fast forward twenty-some years and I realized “adulting” wasn’t as easy as I thought it was gonna be. Funny how much things change, even when you’re so sure of yourself and your future. The same can be said about the way we think we know everything there is to know about having kids. In fact, I remember hearing years ago about cord blood banking and stem cell research – and thinking that it was only for people who had a first child with leukemia, but had a second so they could use their cord blood to treat their sibling. While this is still very true, I’m learning as a parent of two now that there are so many more new advancements in science and more research using cord blood than I could have imagined. So here are my top three reasons why it’s cool to be a mom in this day and age:


1) Sibling love is adorable

Unless you’re an only child, chances are you grew up with a sibling either in your shadow or vice versa. I for one, had two older brothers that I royally annoyed every chance I could get, and yet they still loved me for it. I see the same dynamic already with Garrett and Charlotte – he absolutely, and for the most part unconditionally, adores her. In fact, when people ask him if he shares his toys with her, he tells them that he’s given her all of his old baby toys, which is true, and he’ll literally spend hours just playing with her on the floor in her room (you can see proof of their sibling love I captured below 🙂 To tell the truth, I was so against having a third because I was one of three and fully believe in the “middle child syndrome.” But if these two keep up this sweetness, they’re gonna have mama rethinking things…

2) Mom tribes rock

Honestly, I don’t know how old school moms did it. My own mom is floored all the time by the sheer amount of resources and support we all have from the “moms of the internet” I like to call them, aka “Facebook First-Time Mommy Group.” And then there’s the real life mom tribe that is thick as thieves, and would probably just as soon go down swinging with anyone who messes with their tribe. From last-minute emergency babysitting needs, to impromptu therapeutic wine seshes, a mom tribe is always at the ready. Their motto is usually in the form of a simple statement of “I have wine chilling,” after which you can here a collective door slamming as they rush to whichever house is hosting at any given hour. The same can be said about “Dad’s got the kids” and “Anybody up for a (insert cliche mom store here e.g. Target, Hobby Lobby, Costco – you get the idea) run?”

3) Newborn Stem Cells Are Cool

They say after becoming a second-time mom you think and do things so differently – and if we were to decide on having more children, I know I would look more into cord blood banking with Cord Blood Registry (CBR) and definitely recommend it to any friends who might be considering it for their babies. When I look at my two little ones and wonder if I’ll ever be faced with what some parents go through – having to spend months on end in hospitals treating their babies – I’m just so grateful that a company like CBR is out there working to help advance science.

About Newborn Stem Cells:

Your baby’s umbilical cord is made of tissue and contains blood, both of which are rich sources of powerful stem cells. Today, many conditions may be treatable with cord blood as a part of a stem cell transplant, including various cancers and blood, immune, and metabolic disorders. And recently a CBR funded clinical trial conducted by researchers at Sutter Medical Center published their findings. Their study, showed the use of a child’s own cord blood was safe in children with autism (you can read more about the study here or watch this video).  More research is needed to understand if cord blood may help children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Since I have friends and family members with children on the autism spectrum, I know that any little bit of research in this area can be meaningful.

About CBR:

  1. Every family has access to CBR’s team of Certified Genetic Counselors, who can discuss your family’s medical history as it relates to newborn stem cells, and educate you on your options to preserve them for your family’s future.
  2. CBR believes passionately in the power of healthy families. They have many options to make it affordable for families, including payment plans or a gift registry option where friends and family can contribute toward the cost of preserving newborn stem cells. They also have the Newborn Possibilities Program® which assists families with a qualifying medical need by covering all costs for preserving their child’s newborn stem cells and storing them for 5 years.

To learn more about their product, please visit or watch the video below.

How to Get Set up with CBR:

There are 5 simple steps:
  1. Enroll with CBR online at or call 1-888-240-1996
  2. CBR ships you a collection kit
  3. Bring your kit to the hospital on your big day
  4. Call the medical courier after your baby is born and the cord blood has been collected by your healthcare professional
  5. Relax. CBR handles the rest and will notify you when the kit has been received.


10 thoughts on “Top Three Reasons Why It’s Cool to be a Mom – Because, Science

  1. Daisy says:

    I had absolutely planned on getting a kit and bringing it with me to the hospital with my youngest but he came almost 3 months early …

    • says:

      I totally hear you and I didn’t realize that they help now with payment plans, etc. and it’s so worth it. Definitely doing it if we have another 👍

    • says:

      Aw thank you! The brother/sister dynamic is just the sweetest thing – but I know there will be a time when they’ll fight for sure haha 😆

  2. Jenn says:

    I wanted to do the cord blood thing, but things got crazy in the hospital and I never got to make sure it happened !

    Agree with the mom tribes. It has been a lifesaver for me !

    • says:

      I think a lot of people deal with that – I wasn’t prepared either so next time I’m def planning way ahead now that I know they make it so easy for you! Oh man, no idea what I would have done without finding my Mom tribe once we moved 😍

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