10 Things I Love About You: 7 Months Old

It’s been seven months, y’all. Seven whole months since little Cha Cha has been on this earth. Sometimes I can’t believe how it’s already been that long, and other times I wonder how it’s only been such a short time that we’ve known each other – since it’s as if she’s always been a part of me. Maybe that’s what these little miracles are – just pieces of us waiting to be born and make us whole again.

Because it’s clearly got me feeling all kinds of sap, and cuz I can’t believe how much she’s changed just in the past couple of months – I figured it was high time for another installment of “Ten Things I Love About You.”

1) I love how utterly adorable your laugh is and how we all compete to see who can make you laugh the hardest.

2) I love when you bat your eyes at daddy as if you’re already aware of its spellbinding power.

3) I love how you’re such a little rolly polly anytime I lay you down (proof below ?).

4) I love how you babble ma ma ma ma ma anytime you’re trying to get my attention.

5) I love how you get so excited, squealing and whacking at the phone every time daddy calls.

6) I love how fuzzy your new baby hair is and such a pretty auburn color.

7) I love when you pull the spoon to your mouth when I’m feeding you something, like – gimme that!

8) I love how your sweet smile makes complete strangers melt.

9) I love how you’ve finally figured out how much fun bath time is and kick like crazy now.

10) I love watching you and your big bro cackle back and forth at each other in the rear view mirror.


12 thoughts on “10 Things I Love About You: 7 Months Old

  1. Rose Mont says:

    I love this. My kids are older then your ltitle one and I think that the younger years go by faster when they are younger. Her big brother looks like he will be by her side and watch out for her.

    • CammeoH2T@gmail.com says:

      Thank you! I do too ugg, I was just saying I wish they were babies longer and my older son overheard and said “But you still love me right?” Aww I felt so bad and was like of course!! He is such a sweet big bro and just adores her ?

    • CammeoH2T@gmail.com says:

      Thanks! I love them too and capturing their sweetness – except this time she was antagonizing him more than usual ?

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