My Week in Style: Everything’s Colder in Texas

Ok, before all my East coast peeps (dodging a bomb cyclone right now) start chunking snowballs my way – just hear me out. It snowed. In Houston. Houston, where temps hover around 100 degrees for months (yes months) on end during the summer. Houston, where the only snow I experienced growing up was a few flurries on the driveway before it all melted, leaving me to think snowmen were some fictitious character like a unicorn or dragon. But yes, it snowed in Houston and you better believe the hubs and I were dragging our kid out of bed at an ungodly hour to not only witness it, but he was gonna appreciate it, dadgummit! And he may or may not have looked just like Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation – we were in a hurry people ;).

Since then, we all thought this crazy winter weather was just going to be a flash in the pan, but it’s been hanging on like a clingy ex-boyfriend – and almost as annoying. Not because I don’t like the cold – heck, any of my former coworkers in NYC will tell you I used to glue myself to the window of the 14th floor at the first sign of snow. But more so because I’ve completely forgotten how to dress for winter. Like completely forgotten. Guess that’s what living in the veritable climate paradise people call Los Angeles for the past seven years will do to you. But alas, I dug down deep and channeled my past winter wardrobe styling tricks from our days in NYC, and whipped up a fail-safe look for even the weeniest winter weather loather.

Shop the Look:

On Me –

Jet Rag, Men’s Vintage Tuxedo Shirt (scored at the Sunday $1 Sale, similar here and here)

Zara, Long Black Vest (similar here and here)

Banana Republic, Long Black Coat (old from college, similar here, here and here)

Kenneth Cole, Frayed Hem Skinny Jean

Via Spiga at Nordstrom Rack, Beline Over-the-Knee Boot (sold out but found here)

August Hat Co from Marshalls, Felt Fedora (similar here and here)

On Him –

Old Navy, Color-Blocked Frost-Free Hooded Jacket

Cat & Jack for Target, Khaki Cargo Pants (similar here)

Gap KidsHerringbone hi-top sneakers

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2 thoughts on “My Week in Style: Everything’s Colder in Texas

  1. Norbyah says:

    It’s the same here in Hong Kong….not much Winter weather to speak of and definitely no snow, but when it gets cold….its COLD. We have all concrete walls, floors etc and when the humidity and cold combine, we’re talking bone chilling. Love your look. Those boots are aces!

    • says:

      Oh man that sounds exactly how it is here! We are so ready for warm weather already haha, bunch of weenies 😋

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