10 Things I Love About You: 5 Months Old

I couldn’t think of a better way to kick off the new year than with my new favorite post. Charlotte turned 5 months old just before Christmas, and it’s as if she bloomed overnight. In fact, I’m starting to regret I limited myself to only 10 things I love about her, cuz this little lady has me smitten. She’s babbling up a storm, standing up and practically walking off my lap, and just as sweet as she can be to everyone she meets. Oh but don’t worry, she makes up for all that sweetness with her apparent sudden onset of insomnia. It’s like that old college roomie you used to have who doesn’t like to study alone and insists on you staying up and pulling an all nighter with her…every night. I know, because I was totally that roommate ;). I honestly think God makes babies so stinkin cute because who else would we put up with that stuff for?

Anyway, here’s the rundown on her latest “cuteness” and I can’t wait to see what amazing new things she learns in the coming months. Happy New Year!

1) I love how you wake up “baby talking” for ten minutes straight until we all finally wake up.

2) I love the way you hold my finger when you nurse.

3) I love the way you pinch my chest when you nurse. (No, actually I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that one – it hurts!)

4) I love how no one has gotten you to laugh as hard as your big bro has. Full on baby cackle.

5) I love how you’ve started grabbing at our faces to get to know us.

6) I love watching you have “daddy time” – it seriously makes me tear up, cuz I’m a sap and I can’t help it.

7) I love your big “toothless grin” as your daddy calls it.

8) I love that you love to eat! Literally everything I feed you, you down in two min flat.

9) I love that you finally have a favorite toy to play with – a cute butterfly you got for Christmas.

10) I love how I can put you in the baby carrier and you’ll fall asleep wherever we go.


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