CH2T Covets: Bedtime x Westyn Baby

I’m not kidding you when I say, for moms – bedtime is like the Holy Grail. We know it exists (or does it?), but we are constantly tormented by its elusiveness. Not only for ourselves, but for our babies too. Sure, there are published sleep experts promising to lull your baby into 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep by 6 weeks old. But, I guess I’ve just never been one for stringent routines. No, I prefer to set out like so many moms before me into the great unknown, searching for that Holy Grail formerly known as sleep.

Although I prefer not to adhere to a strict sleep training regimen, I do however believe in some form of a bedtime routine that helps everyone (yah, I’m looking at you dads) settle down for the night. Before I had my son, no one (not even all those well-intentioned boymoms) could have prepared me for his super sonic waves of energy – that he particularly likes to save for an hour before bedtime. Contrary to all those memes out there dogging on dads being the ones to blame for riling our little ones up at night – I find that it’s the most essential part of our bedtime ritual. The two of them have a solid 15 min of “wrastling” on the bed, and another 15 or so right before bedtime to squeeze out any last minute pent-up energy. Call us crazy, but it works.

As for baby girl, there’s not a ton to be done since they really are just a little sack o’ potatoes those first three months. What does seem to work wonders though is a nice soothing bath, and then changing them into some comfy PJs. Which is where my new fave baby sleepwear brand comes into play. I don’t know about you, but I love to hear how small businesses got their start. For Westyn Baby founder Tara, she couldn’t find the high-quality children’s sleepwear she desired for her new baby boy – so she did what any super mom would do and started her own line (read more about her story). I have to say, she nailed it when it comes to softness and design. In fact, the softness is the first thing anyone notices – even my hubs was like “woah, that’s super soft.” What’s even better, they don’t have any tags, buttons, or zippers which is great – cuz if you have a toddler like my son, I’m constantly getting summoned to cut out tags at all hours of the day/night. Also, the fact that they don’t use any flame retardant chemicals (more here) is a big plus and is what really sets them apart from the run of the mill PJs you buy off the street.

Intrigued? Allow little Paige (my photog/friend Marlo’s little girl) and baby Charlotte to demonstrate the cuteness, and check out the full line of toddler PJs and baby sleepers! Oh and if you decide to buy them as a gift, they include a gift bag, card, and tissue paper, free of charge – nice.

*Disclosure: I received a complimentary product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.

On Paige: “Sit Back and Lilac” Long Sleeve PJ Set

On Charlotte: “Shore to Shimmer” Pink Long Sleeve PJ Set

photo cred: Marlo Carroll Photography



8 thoughts on “CH2T Covets: Bedtime x Westyn Baby

  1. livewellplaytogether says:

    Oh my goodness; how cute!! Bedtime can be tricky! We definitely try to stick to a routine, but even that can be hard some nights! Cute comfy PJs help though. Especially when they’re big enough to express preferences!

    • says:

      Thanks! Tell me about it, and it just gets more tricky when you add a toddler in the mix haha. These PJs are so sweet and soft – it’s exciting that they just started carrying kids sizes ?

  2. Roze Abernethy says:

    Love this when you find clothing with no tags buttons etc! Mybkids always describe it as if it was a cactus! Ahahhah

    • says:

      Yes!! Haha it’s so silly but I get it ? I really love just how fitted they are and super long cuz my babies grow out of PJs in the length first which is so annoying.

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