10 Things I Love About You: 3 Months Old

Can you believe it’s already been three months since Charlotte was born? Cuz I can’t. This time around has gone by even faster than it did with Garrett. Much to my surprise, since it felt like I was holding my breath the whole time with him – dreading the day my maternity leave was up. Now with Charlotte, things are just more complicated – I have a 4 year old literally running circles around me, I’m trying to navigate this whole freelance world, we’re still getting settled into our fixer upper, and I’m working on expanding the blog/styling arm of my brand. It’s such a double edged sword too, because you want to soak up every moment but at the same time you kind of can’t wait to have that 4th trimester behind you.

So to commemorate making it through those first three months – I’ve rattled off another ten things I love about this little “Cha Cha” of ours. Plus, I couldn’t resist sharing these sweet 3 month photos on my favorite milestone blanket by Batz Kids. I also just saw that they’re having a huge Halloween sale right now! Oh and p.s., you have to check out their Instagram – it’s chalk full of sweet babes and creative mamas 🙂

1) I love how much you love kicking in the bath.

2) I love the way your mouth “nurses” in your sleep.

3) I love the way your face lights up when daddy talks to you.

4) I love that your big bros antics don’t seem to bother you at all, in fact, I think you like them.

5) I love rocking you to sleep and singing your three favorite songs – Frere Jacques, twinkle twinkle little star & Mary had a little lamb.

6) I love how excited you get when people talk to you.

7) I love that I can count on you sleeping some combo of 8 hrs at night – 7 + 1 is my fave 😉

8) I love your double chin and two leg rolls (yah, Garrett never had those).

9) I love how you save all your poo blowouts for me to change (jk).

10) I love how mesmerized you get by watching football on TV.

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