Mom Jean Confessions: Age of Innocence

I would have posted this sooner, but it’s taken me some time to gather my thoughts after the tragedy in Vegas. When I was single (or just prior to starting a family), things like this would happen in the world, your mind tells you how horrible it is, and you react like any compassionate person would. But it’s like the minute you have a baby, you no longer think with your head. In fact, it’s as if all of the world’s emotions get sucked into your heart and BAM – you’re a mom. You no longer just fear for yourself, you fear for these innocent little people who you created, and your mission in life is to protect that innocence for all it’s worth. But the duality is that you still have that logical pre-mommy side of your brain telling you that it’s impossible. That they will get to an age where they will become aware of the bad things that happen around them, outside of this parental bubble you’ve created, and you come to grips that this “age of innocence” is over. You accept your job as parents to raise them to be good people who fight for what’s right. Period.

So on the eve of Garrett’s 4th birthday I can’t help but wonder – How will I navigate this new age? An age where he is so curious of the world around him (not to mention he’s so stinkin’ smart, I couldn’t shelter him from anything even if I wanted to). An age where his innocence may be trumped by awareness, but not completely overshadowed. An age where we can communicate with him in a way that lets him understand what things mean, but still let him know we will always be here to protect him. An age where we can still mold him into the compassionate person he has already come to be. So as scary as being a mom seems sometimes, we can’t forget the awesome responsibility that comes with the territory – and to be honest, I’ve always felt this is what I was made for. To be a mom. Their mom. And I won’t let anything take that privilege away from me…

Ok, TOTAL gear change (and because I feel bad totally depressing you all). I was asked by a friend recently for some styling advice on how to wear ankle boots. I’ve added in a little blurb below with some styling tips on how to wear “ankle boots three ways.” Let me know in the comments which one is your fave, or if you have any burning styling questions 🙂


Ankle Boots Three Ways:

1) Half-Roll + Classic Heel –

My personal fave 🙂 It’s kinda like the half-tuck but without the frat boy pretentiousness. I roll the jean/pant twice (or less/more depending on length) and on the third roll just do the outside of the pants leg & leave the inside rolled down. This trick leaves it not looking so perfect & gives your look a little edge.

2) Tuck-In + Flat Heel –

This one took me a while to get comfortable with, mostly because I’m a freak about finding the just right, perfect boot for my look. I finally scored these Kenneth Cole ones at an outlet in LA. The trick is to not come off too “biker chick-ish” by choosing either a different color pant like these gray Madewell denim ones, or making sure there’s not too much bling on those booties.

3) Roll-Up + High Heel –

A former boss of mine, who also happens to be super stylish (@tralala14 I’m lookin’ at you ;)), always rocked this look. I probably would have never tried it, but any excuse to wear my fave high-heeled All Saints boots – well, you don’t have to twist my arm. This one is the least tricky and easier to pull off if you’re new to the whole above-the-ankle boot trend & don’t have the nerve to try it with a skirt yet. Try it with black, brown, gray, I don’t discriminate.

photo cred: Marlo Carroll Photography

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12 thoughts on “Mom Jean Confessions: Age of Innocence

  1. helench1k says:

    Such a beautifully written post and I think I am feeling the same way as you did. I’m six months pregnant with my first and my thought process has changed so drastically now that I have a little one on his way and it makes me nervous how they grow so quickly and the innocence disappears quicker than we can react!

    Helen xx

    • says:

      First of all, congrats! Little boys are so so sweet 😊 I know the feeling – excitement and anxiety all rolled into one but you’ve got this mama! I’m here if you need any advice ❤️

  2. xine23 says:

    Thank you for writing this, it is hard to work through emotionally these tragedies. Your heart is so big and wonderful, and I know your children will be better with you guiding them.

    P.S. Super cute ankle boots 😉

    • says:

      Thank you so much! We are all here to support each other and I can only hope to teach my children how to love and respect others ❤️ Oh and thanks hehe- I kinda have a thing for them 😉

  3. Lindsey says:

    I just came across your site and love this post you made! Thank you so much for sharing such an important and difficult message so clearly and beautifully, I loved it!

  4. slushweb says:

    Yes momma, you are rocking those boots! But I totally feel for everything you said. Becoming a mom has my emotions all over the place. I remember leaving the hospital thinking “this is it.” I had to leave and actually be out in the world with her. A world that is a scary place to live in. It’s nice having moms who can relate!

    • says:

      Thank you! Oh gosh yes, with my first I was totally freaked out for the first year of his life 😳 Now that we have a girl I feel like it comes with a whole new set of fears ugg 😕 But I wouldn’t change it for the world – we have the best job 😍

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