10 Things I Love About You: 7 Weeks Old

Ok, I’ll go ahead and say it – it’s just easier this time. I haven’t been shy expressing the struggles I had as a first time mom to Garrett. Anxiety, guilt, shame, control (or lack there of) – you name it, I felt it. But with Charlotte, it’s as if those heavy clouds that hung over my head the first year of Garrett’s life, were never even in the forecast. I’m not sure if it’s due to my hormones not being as imbalanced – I keep saying that maybe my body rejected the boy hormones, and that’s why it’s easier having a girl. Or maybe it’s just that there really is such a thing as (and I cringe as I say this, cuz I really do hate the label), a “good baby.”

Still, part of me just feels like everyone was right – you just are a more relaxed mom with your second baby. I don’t feel overwhelmed, unless we’re on hour four of a cry fest in the middle of the night, but luckily that’s only happened a couple of times. Instead, I’ve got all those “feels” that people tell you about – in fact I’m oozing with so much love for this little baby that I think my hubs is starting to worry about what happened to his otherwise non-sappy wife. Case in point: I literally spent the last two days outside enjoying this gorgeous Houston fall-like weather, oogling over every last coo baby girl uttered in response to a cool breeze.

Because it’s not fair to hoard the cuteness all for myself (and I know you guys are suckers for a good baby coo too), you can scroll through the few (of a billion or so) photos I took, and a video too below 🙂 I also thought of a fun way to remember all these little moments and milestones, by doing a new recurring post I’m calling “10 Things I Love About You” – just in case you weren’t gagging from the sap already 😉

1) I love the way you coo at us as if to say “hello.”

2) I love the way you laugh out loud to yourself when I’m nursing you to sleep.

3) I love the way you smile so big with your tongue sticking out.

4) I love to see how intently you watch your big brother when he talks to you.

5) I love watching you cuddle into your daddy’s nook.

6) I love that you let people hold you and are just as happy with them as with me.

7) I love that you sleep a four hour stretch at night like a champ.

8) I love your little stork’s bite/angel’s kiss on your forehead.

9) I love watching you study my face like you recognize me.

10) I love your curly baby mohawk.

11 thoughts on “10 Things I Love About You: 7 Weeks Old

    • CammeoH2T@gmail.com says:

      Thank you! Do it! I’m so not good at filling out a baby book ha, and realized it made more sense and is more fun to just use my blog ?

  1. livewellplaytogether says:

    What a cutie! This is such a sweet post. We’re expecting our second so this is actually really encouraging to read. I hope you are having a great week!

    • CammeoH2T@gmail.com says:

      Oh awesome, congrats! I was so nervous to have another but it has been such a blessing. I’m here for ya mama!

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