Mom Jean Confessions: The Final Countdown

Well, I made it to week 37 and it’s as if ’80s one-hit-wonder Europe’s “It’s the final countdown, do-do do do, do-do do do do” is the theme song to my life right now. Not really, but wouldn’t that be cool – or am I just showing my age? Anyway, I thought it might be time to do a little bump update since I have so many sweet friends and family members checking in with me daily, anxiously awaiting any signs of baby girl’s arrival. I also wanted to show off this flirty little non-maternity dress, or “maternity-friendly” as fellow Fashion Mama and owner of Audrey & Olive likes to say of her uber-cute line (you may remember her chic kaftan/kimono I donned at my sprinkle a few weeks back). Plus, mama’s not so much feeling photog moments these days, so these were taken a few weeks back by the hubs – which explains the last two photos where he’s comparing me to Napoleon Dynamite and then I proceed to walk off set, bahaha 🙂

I started having weekly appointments this month which essentially translates from preggo speak to “oh crap, this is actually happening and I’m about to birth a human being.” I know some of you are thinking – uh, so this is just now news to you? But seriously, it’s as if the past 30+ weeks you’re just carrying around this slowly growing fruit (ok, we’ll have to save my opinions on the arbitrary fruit-to-baby size comparisons for another day), and it never quite dawns on you until the end that your body is actually preparing to do this amazing thing – resulting in a flood of simultaneous panic and excitement. To spare you any unwanted visuals – this is also the part where your Doctor starts examining you for any early signs of labor – p.s. if you thought getting checked down there when you’re not pregnant is uncomfortable, just wait til you have a 6 lb human pushed up against your lady parts (sorry, I said I’d spare you the graphics).

Anyhoo, as of my last appt I was 2 cm dilated and 60% effaced which just means – well, nothing. Baby girl could come tomorrow, or she could decide camp mama is a pretty cushy joint and hang around for another four weeks. Either way, it’s all just a waiting game at this point full of fun-filled mornings where you wake up with an upset stomach/nausea (oh, you thought that was just first-tri stuff – nope it all comes full circle), and contractions on top of all that. This exact scenario happened this week: you may have caught me talking about it in my Insta-stories, where Garrett proceeds to predict baby sister is going to come out while we’re at the park (motioning of arm coming out of my belly like the Alien movies included, yikes kid). Fortunately, the contractions have tapered off since then, and I’m really curious to hear what the Doc says after my appointment next week. Oh yeah, especially because us geniuses decided to have our wood floors redone, which entails us being out of the house for at least 5 days. Soooo basically, I could use a collective prayer that she at least holds off until my 39th week so that I’m not bringing a child into this world homeless. I kid, kid – but seriously, pray for us.

Overall though, I’ve just been trying to stay busy to keep my mind of off when she may or may not come. Which hasn’t been that hard, considering we are making a final big push (no pun intended) on finishing up our house as much as we can before she comes. My sweet neighbor even got onto me for getting down and painting baseboards – what, you mean that’s not a good idea when you’re 9 months pregnant? Either way, I’m so excited to have a whole line-up of “fixer-upper style” blog posts scheduled that will hopefully tide you over in the weeks after baby girl is born – cuz let’s be honest, mama ain’t gonna feel like writing fluff pieces on fashion with a tiny human attached to my body 😉 I do promise, though, to feature a nursery reveal once the final touches are made in the coming weeks, and a newborn shoot with my lovely friend Marlo. Now if only we could decide on what to name the little stinker – we’ve finally narrowed it down to two, and sorry to break it to you, Garrett, but they don’t include “Shimmer”, “Sparkle”, “Star”, “Crescent Moon”, “Chubby Cheeks,” “Orangey Orangey”, “Street Sweeper”, or “Baby Stuff.” Although we were sort of coming around to “Baby Stuff.” 🙂

Shop the Look:

c/o Audrey & Olive, Floral Sleeveless Swing Dress (maternity friendly)

c/o RomweApricot Roll Tab Sleeve Waterfall Collar Duster Coat (non-maternity)

Adrienne Vittadini from Marshalls, Charging Wallet/Wristlet Clutch (similar here and here)

Dolce Vita from Nordstrom Rack‘Jasmyn’ Ghillie Sandal (similar here and here)

16 thoughts on “Mom Jean Confessions: The Final Countdown

  1. Amber Starr says:

    Loving that dress! The colors are so pretty! Those last few weeks are always the toughest, but it sounds like you guys are pretty ready for her arrival! Looking forward to your DIY posts!

    • says:

      Thanks! The designer is a friend of mine and she makes the coolest maternity/non-maternity clothes. I feel like the last few weeks you just keep thinking the baby will come and really it’s all just a waiting game ?

    • says:

      Thank you!! It’s such a crazy time in the end when you are so ready and then some days it’s like – I need more time!

  2. Kerry says:

    Oh my gosh! I hope you get all moved! We just started a renovation project at our new house and I’m only 28 weeks. I’m already stressing about the move. You’re a trooper!

    • says:

      Thanks! We actually moved in back in Nov and that’s right when I found out I was pregnant ? Haha so we’ve been killing ourselves trying to finish everything before the baby comes and we are super close! Good luck with y’alls reno!

  3. Erin Nicole says:

    You look incredible!! The end of pregnancy is no joke! And the waiting game is the worse. For some reason my boys decide they want to enter the world when I’m about to go to bed so I always look like death.

    • says:

      Thank you!! Seriously, it’s just the weirdest mix of emotions! My son came early and I went to the hospital late at night so I am prepared for the same thing to happen with little lady – oh well haha.

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