Morning Rituals with Dad x Bonobos

When Bonobos asked me what my husband’s style says about him, I knew it would be a great fit (literally), because my husband is all about finding the right fitting clothes. Bonobos’ mission is to help men find the perfect fit and take the pain out of shopping, so win/win if you ask me. As women, we know how different our body types can be – but have you ever stopped to think that men actually struggle with the same issue? I hadn’t really thought about it either, until I met Grant – Mr. 6’4″, slender yet muscular build, with the longest legs (I call him Dig’ems, after the Sugar Smacks frog) you’ve probably ever seen. The poor guy can’t just go into a store and buy a suit – he typically has to block off a week to hit up every store imaginable and then when he does find the right one, he has to tack on another week waiting on alterations. Sorry, but, ain’t nobody got time for that. Luckily he’s a pretty easy-going guy, and when he does find the perfect fitting suit – the man looks “sharp” as my late British dad would have said. Plus, he’s got impeccable taste. If you don’t believe me, check out his guest post from two year’s ago  – Pushing Forty, A Men’s Style Guide in 8 Simple Rules.

Much to his chagrin, mostly because he’s modest and tells me I’m being like my mom when I creepily snap pics of him when he’s not looking, I decided to capture some candid moments of his morning work ritual (with a few Garrett monkey cameos). If I had to sum up my hubs’ style – I’d say it’s kinda like those pro b-ball players (aka Chris Paul): Athletic one minute, and the next they’ve changed into some killer suit that’s sophisticated without being boring. What’s even more admirable about him, other than his amazing work ethic, is that no matter how busy he might be rushing off to work in the morning, he always makes time for his family. Just this past week I overheard our son wanting to send one of his stuffed animals with Dad to work. So without skipping a beat, he grabbed Mr. Teddy and they made a pact that Garrett could send daddy with a new stuffed animal every day to take to work (um, sweetest thing ever much?). We then had the bright idea to have him take a pic on the second day of Mr. Sock Monkey working in his office – and um, let me just say I almost peed my pants when he actually did it (granted I’m 33 weeks preggo, but still, that ish was funny!) Check out our morning ritual below and I dare you not to die laughing at a sock monkey on a laptop…

See I told you it was funny 😉

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6 thoughts on “Morning Rituals with Dad x Bonobos

    • says:

      Thanks!! Mornings are always fun with dad but so special now that they have their stuffed animal ritual ?

  1. Heydy says:

    Miguel loves a good suit ! You’re right about the NBA reference. One second he’s all that and a bag of potatoe chips and then the other he’s all causal (people don’t recognize him!).

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