CH2T Feeds: ABC13 x Cook2Learn Academy

Today was just like any other day, except not. Garrett woke up way before mama was ready, but just in time to give daddy a great big bear hug before work. Then I rolled my pregnant self outta bed to make breakfast and jump in the shower before heading to my 32-week checkup. Baby girl got a clean bill of health from the doc, and I took Garrett on an impromptu “2nd breakfast”, as I like to call it these days, to Dunkin Donuts (mostly because I missed the chance on National Donut Day and felt ashamed of my pregnant self). I worked on the nursery all morning – organizing the closet, hanging up little girl clothes (eek), and rearranging things, etc (p.s. I can’t wait to do the final reveal, if I can just get my act together!). Garrett went down for a long nap and that’s where the day got good. After all, it’s not every day that you get to sit on the couch after nap-time, cuddled up with your toddler to watch yourselves on TV.

You may remember a post I did a few weeks back where I gushed over Cook2Learn Academy’s cooking class for kids I found in Houston recently. Well it just so happened that I was fortunate enough to partner with the owner Tiziana Triolo (who’s more like my long-lost Sicilian relative), and ABC13 reporter Rebecca Spera (my Italian sistah from anotha mistah) to bring awareness for this amazing class. The segment showcases the kiddos learning the origin and all the ingredients for Taralli, a delicious cookie from Palermo, Sicily – where Tiziana is from and where I used to visit family nearby growing up. It was an experience my fellow mommy friends and I will never forget. Check out our fun day below, and you can view the full story here!

You can also see the full slideshow on Facebook!

8 thoughts on “CH2T Feeds: ABC13 x Cook2Learn Academy

  1. Mary says:

    I wish we had a class like this in Phoenix that allowed 6 year olds. Ours all start at 8. I’ve been cooking with my daughter for years and she loves it!

    • says:

      Ugg I hope you can find one! It’s so great and even the littlest kiddos love it and just need a little extra help from Mom ? My son loves to cook with me too!

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