My Week in Style: Three’s a Charm

“Three’s a charm,” “Good things come in threes,” and “The Holy Trinity” all symbolize something I am starting to put a lot of stock in. The number three may just be my lucky number. I mean, if last “leap year” alone isn’t proof, I don’t know what is. Grant started a new job, we closed on our first house, and found out we were expecting our second child – all literally within three weeks of each other. Then, in the just the past three months, my blog baby went from my little fledgling project to being inundated with brand collab opportunities that has me in a position I never thought would come. A place where I can finally turn something I’ve been so utterly passionate about into a real business where I’m in control of my own success or failure.

Holy crap, just typing out that last sentence both excites and frightens me. Success. Failure. All too often we allow these two notions to hover dangerously close to one another, when what we should be focusing on is the path we are headed down. My path just so happens to be something a lot of people (and I mean, a lot) have tried their hand at, and it just never turned out the way they had planned so they gave up. But giving up has never been my style – maybe it’s the Sicilian in me 😉 Or maybe that I’ve always held onto one of my favorite sayings, that “nothing worthwhile in life ever comes easy.” In fact, if we knew all the heartache, sweat, and tears that we’d have to put into doing the things we ultimately succeed at in life – we’d say “yeah right” and never think twice about trying it. Trust me, there have been days (more often than I’d like to admit recently), where I lean on my husband’s shoulder filled with all the defeat of the day, and just settle in for a good cry. Maybe I wasn’t able to get that blog post written on time, or my new site that I literally just had to redesign from the ground up (bet you didn’t even notice), was keeping me up at night worried about some silly plug-in or code I needed to implement. But all he says, and what he knows I know because I say it out loud to myself all the time, is “That all of this is a process”.

On good days, I can feed my own advice to myself saying “I know what I need to do to make this work, I just need to be patient and know it’s all just part of the process.” Well as it turns out, this “process” is now embarking on its third year. Yep, I just realized that my blog just turned three in April. Granted, it was via a random Facebook memory that happened to not be the ten billionth baby picture of Garrett set to pop up at my most vulnerable preggo moment…seriously, how do they always know? Here’s a throwback to that memory and to my first “official” CH2T blog post (don’t laugh). To celebrate in true fashion, I pulled together (yep, you guessed it) three of my favorite pregnancy style looks below. Believe it or not, all three are non-maternity, so there’s a little something for everyone. My way of thanking y’all for being such an awesome and supportive family for the past three years – cheers to you!

Look 1: Flowy Blouse + Skinny Jeans

Tobi, Irene Blouse

Liz Lange for Target, Maternity Over the Belly Dark Wash Jeggings

Sam Edelman, Gigi Sandal in Rose Gold (no longer available, similar here)


Look 2: Springy Dress + Sneakers

Tobi, Anna Ruffle Top Shift Dress

Old Navy, Dark Denim Jacket

PF Flyers, Bob Cousy Lo (no longer available, similar here)


Look 3: Stylish Maxi + Heels

Tobi, Roselyn Tie Dye Wrap Maxi Dress

Zara, Nude Wide Heel Sandal (no longer available, similar here)

Target, Wide Brim Straw Hat (no longer available, similar here and here)

photo cred: Marlo Carroll Photography

Links à la Mode, May 18th

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