CH2T Covets: Bump Update

Fresh off a glorious babymoon, I thought it would be fitting to do a bump update since it’s been a couple months, and I haven’t whined at you in a while 😉 J/K, this pregnancy has been fairly uneventful, other than the horrible sinus infection and lovely acne that seems to be way worse with this one – thanks girl. So here goes –

26 Week Bump Update:

How do I feel?

On a scale of 1 to 10 – 1 being “I just loooove being pregnant, don’t you?” and 10 being  “Get this thing out of me.” I’d say I’m a solid 3 or “Please don’t come out yet cuz mama still needs to do the registry and nursery.”

Any weird cravings?

Not sure if it’s just the other TX moms telling me how much they craved Tex-Mex with their pregnancies – but yah, give me all the fajitas, guac, chips, green sauce, tortillas…ok, you get the picture.

What does Garrett think about the baby?

Well, he’s now telling all his preschool teachers that he wants to name the baby “tanker truck” and/or “street sweeper,” soooo…..he’s excited? Ha, but seriously, he could not be any sweeter about his baby sister coming, and asks to read his “I’m a Big Brother” book every night. In fact, he’s so excited that when I gave into my better judgement and took him to my 26-week check-up on Tues – he asked “Is the baby gonna come out at the Dr’s office?” to which I yelled out “No!” and then “No, I mean, no honey she’s not” (with a choking/laughing husband in the background). To which Garrett groaned “Awwww, but how many minutes???” – his now usual answer to anything that doesn’t meet his immediate timetable.

What has been your go-to maternity wardrobe?

This one hasn’t changed much since last time – still loving my cotton tees and jeans, but working in a few more shorts and dresses as the weather warms up. My favorite cotton tee right now is this Maternity Dip Hem Jersey Top by UK brand Krisp Clothing. It’s honestly the softest material and what’s great is that it’s so much longer in the back, making it perfect for leggings and adding a stylish twist to the staple tee. I paired it with their Maternity Over-The-Bump Jeans, which I also love because they have a slightly looser fit and I can roll them up to give my look a more laid-back vibe. I’ve also been wearing way more flats this time around, and these Soludos Striped Espadrilles I scored last year are definitely a go-to.

How have you been sleeping?

I still toss and turn a lot, just depending on which arm has fallen asleep. I also find myself waking up in a cold sweat, either from some weirdo pregnancy dream or just the fact that all this extra weight I’m carrying around makes me need to turn the A/C down every five minutes – luckily the hubs prefers to sleep in an icebox. Garrett’s been sleeping like a champ though lately with no accidents in the bed – sure enough, he’ll have one tonight cuz I just jinxed myself.

Has Grant felt the baby kick yet?

He finally did the other night but literally every time I try and put Garrett’s little hand on my belly, she goes back to sleep. I’ll just wait until it looks like the Alien movies in there and freak him out of his mind – I kid, I kid.

When’s your due date?

August 1st. Aaaaand cue “yikes” face, which I seem to get from every other well-meaning Texan these days. Yes, I know I’m due in the hottest month in Texas and I might as well give birth on the sun while I’m at it. Luckily our little fixer upper came with a pool that we’ve turned into quite the backyard oasis. So you’ll know where to find me – floating belly-up for the next three months.

What are your registry must-haves?

I’ve slowly been going through boxes in our garage, taking inventory of what we can reuse of Garrett’s, and honestly I forgot everything we had. What I will say, because we have been through several iterations of these over the past three years – invest in a great diaper bag. I know, I know – I thought the same thing. Who are these people who spend hundreds of dollars on a silly bag, it’s just a bag. Wrong. It is your lifeline – your carry-all. Your juice cup-holding, wipe-dispensing, sunscreen-holstering, pull-up-stashing, 20 snacks in the bottom of the bag – bag. And don’t you forget it. Luckily, a talented friend of mine and mom of two girls, created the most amazing bag she calls the Cabaggage. You can read more about it here, but basically it started out as a grocery/farmer’s market tote – but after I and my mutual friend/mom (who took these gorgeous photos) told her what an awesome diaper bag it would be – I’m out to spread the word to all you mamas. Not only is it functional, it keeps all those healthy snacks cool and I’m excited to not have to carry around a separate milk tote/ice pack for the new baby when she comes. Hallelujah!

photo cred: Elena Lautier Photography

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