My Week in Style: 35 is the New 25

NEWS FLASH: I turned 35 this week. It felt just like any other birthday, with the exception of one thing – it was one of those “mid” birthdays. Remember the first time you had to refer to yourself as “mid-twenties,” and you realized all those life expectations you set for yourself in your younger years were like one big fat joke played on you by the universe? Saying things like, “I’m totally gonna be married with a kid by the time I’m 25” or “I’m gonna live in a big house with two dogs and an awesome car.” But that’s the beauty of young naivety – you can dream about these things and no one will fault you for it. In fact, your parents even condone it all the while secretly knowing that life is a heck of a lot more unpredictable than you can explain to a teenager.

I mean, who knows what I might be saying now if my life circumstances had been any different. What if my dad hadn’t passed away right after my college graduation? Or, what if I hadn’t met Grant and decided at 25 to pick up and move my life to NY and then later to LA? Maybe I would have been celebrating this birthday in a little house up in the Hill Country, married to my college sweetheart with three rug rats running the place. But as I officially embark on yet another mid-decade milestone, I can’t help but feel like 35 is actually when my life is settling down the way I always imagined it to be. Sure, the past ten years have been a wild and exciting ride – not a bit of which I would change. Why? Because all of it had to fall into place to lead us here.

Here, where I’ve come back to my Texas roots, with a loving husband who I feel I could tackle anything in this crazy life with and end up laughing our heads off at the end of the day. Here, where I’m a mom to a child that I literally dreamt about having ever since I was ten years old, begging my mom for a baby brother and boring my best friend with ideals of motherhood. Here, where we finally found that first home, the one we’ve dreamt out loud about cozied up in our one bedroom apartments – and can you believe it’s back in the town where we dated? (“Clear Lake Fixer Upper” future post alert).

So you can find me here – 35 and the only place I want to be.

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8 thoughts on “My Week in Style: 35 is the New 25

  1. Anastasia Nicole says:

    I still have 3 more years until 35 but I know exactly what you mena. At 32 I finally fell like I’m getting into the groove of the life I want, which is not necessarily the life I dreamed of at 25. 35 looks great on you doll!
    xx | A

    • cammeomurray says:

      Hi and thank you so much! 😉 Yes totally, so glad my little take on life resonated with you too. It just goes to show you have to let life just happen sometimes and I’m learning to be a lot more patient the older I get!

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