Sunset Hill Tree Farm: All in the Family

I never thought I could love fall, and October in particular, more than I did when I was a kid. But then I had my own kid and it’s like fall has taken on a whole new meaning. Primarily a new found love for pumpkin patches. I mean seriously, who knew plopping a baby down on a field full of pumpkins could be so stinkin’ cute? Now that my son’s a little older, we get to enjoy more things like hayrides, petting zoos, etc. which is what we found after stumbling upon Sunset Hill Tree Farm. We literally just mentioned it in passing when visiting my father-in-law in Alvarado, TX a few weeks back – and turns out, he knows the man who owns the farm. He told us the story about how he helped fetch him and his lawn mower out of the mud last Spring. After a good laugh I imagine, they got to talking about how Duane (the husband) and his family have been running a Christmas tree farm and pumpkin patch for the past several years – and invited my father-in-law to stop by. These are the kinds of good country folk who make us so proud to be back in our home state.

So we piled into the Jeep and headed down the sweetest country road you ever did see. When we got there, we realized it was about 20 min before closing, but they could not have been any more welcoming. It was quite the departure from last year’s pumpkin patch excursion to Tapia Bros Farm, where literally everyone in LA descends on the valley for a glimpse at the “country” life. This year, we literally had the run of the place and it was pretty dang picture perfect. I almost felt embarrassed at how many pictures I kept taking (almost), but when you get the chance to see your son soaking up real life on a farm – it just was too good not to capture. So if you live in the DFW area, it’s only about an hour from Dallas and 45 min from Ft. Worth. There’s one last weekend left to make it there this month, and if you can’t squeeze it in then be sure to make it out to their Olde Tyme Christmas & Hayride the first Saturday after Thanksgiving. See ya’ll there!


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