Mom Jean Confessions: I Was Wrong

Garrett’s 3rd birthday came and went this week, and like most important life events – the build up is way bigger than the actual thing itself. I mean, I kept telling myself/repeating what I’d read from the mommysphere “the 3rd birthday is the one they start to remember.” That’s all I needed to hear and it was on. I picked a theme – construction, naturally. If you know my son I feel like his obsession with trucks is at a whole other level, so I felt like my creative skills needed to be kicked up a notch. I did the late night Pinterest binge to get the juices flowing, and hit up the trusty party planning spots the next day – Party City, Dollar Tree, Target and Hobby Lobby. I included photos below from his party along with all the décor and where I found them – hope it helps for future bday party ideas!

But similar to the reflection I did on his 2nd bday last year (see HIMYM), I felt compelled to do the same this year. So I’m fessing up to all the ways I’ve realized “I was wrong” on this road to motherhood (and yes, I can almost hear the hub’s ears perk up in the other room, ha), so here goes (in no particular order)…

  1. I thought work wouldn’t be rewarding after a child. I was wrong.
  2. I thought if I did everything for my son, I was protecting him from the world. I was wrong.
  3. I thought disciplining him would come naturally. I was wrong.
  4. I thought my husband wouldn’t want to do all the “mommy type” duties. I was wrong.
  5. I thought we needed a great big house instead of our small one bedroom to make a home. I was wrong.
  6. I thought living in a city would be more well-rounding than the suburbs. I was wrong.
  7. I thought only girls were sensitive. I was wrong.
  8. I thought all boys were loud, rambunctious, balls of energy. I was wrong.
  9. I thought dressing a boy wouldn’t be as much fun as a girl. I was wrong.
  10. I thought my son wouldn’t remember half the things we say to him. I was wrong.
  11. I thought chronicling our lives online would bring criticism not support. I was wrong.
  12. I thought my friends didn’t understand how much my life had changed. I was wrong.
  13. I thought I couldn’t talk about the anxiety I felt in the beginning because I was the only one. I was wrong.
  14. I thought my  mom wouldn’t be able to sympathize with how I felt as a new mom. I was wrong.
  15. I thought our relationship as a couple wouldn’t be any different after a child. I was wrong.
  16. I thought I couldn’t confide in my husband on all my fears as a parent. I was wrong.
  17. I thought yelling would get my point across and correct behavior. I was wrong.
  18. I thought my husband had everything figured out as a parent. I was wrong.
  19. I thought I would miss our freedom. I was wrong.
  20. I thought I couldn’t be any happier than we were when it was just the two of us. I was wrong.


Party décor:

Party City – You can find a ton of stuff online, but I was told they don’t carry any in the store so mama had to get creative. I found the construction worker hat first in the Halloween costumes, then came across a pack of construction trucks, and the caution signs  I found in the “over the hill” aisle but just had to peel the “senior” part off of it. The napkins/straws I thought I’d go with black & white to compliment the orange/yellow. For the table treats I got popcorn bags and buckets for candy. The bubbles, whistles, slinkies, bouncy balls, and Tonka truck tattoos I used as décor but then reused in yellow gift bags I ended up passing out to the kids at his preschool bday party.

Hobby Lobby – Hobby Lobby was always my go-to growing up, and they ended up having the cutest construction themed plates, signs, cupcake toppers and banner which were perfect to tie my theme all together. I saw a cute idea on Pinterest to use hard hats as snack holders which I filled with chips, gold fish and candy corn which doubled as traffic cones. They also had actual traffic cones that I just placed on the table, and I totally lucked into the dump truck piñata that I found on clearance. Tabletop construction stickers and construction truck erasers I also used in the gift bags.

Target – I bought all of the food here including bags of Boom Chicka Pop popcorn which I got the idea from Joy Cho of Oh Joy! to top with rainbow sprinkles which was a huge hit with the kiddos!

Dollar Tree – I knew they had Matchbox construction trucks, which I just wanted as extras on the table for the kids to play with and Garrett loves them. I snagged some accent yellow balloons, and wrapping paper/cards at a great price.

Would love to hear from you!