Tried & True Beauty: You’re Stila the One

You’re gonna have to pardon my cheesiness this one time – I promise it’s for a good cause.

Remember your first kiss? Course you do. If you’re like me, it was at some “party” in front of a bunch of prepubescent classmates as a result of a thrilling game of Truth or Dare (is that still a thing?). Well, when I recently had the chance to get a sneak peek at Stila Cosmetics’ summer 2015 collection, it brought back so many memories of my first lip glaze I ever bought with my own money. Stila, for me, is like that first kiss – you never forget it. So I was seriously stoked to be able to test out their new line of Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick, Aqua Glow Watercolor Blush, and…wait for it…HUGE Extreme Lash Mascara – which, I was told by the brand’s Artistic Director, Sarah Lucero, is literally life-changing. Lucky for you, as of this week it’s now available online at Ulta (6/28 in stores).

I took this magic wand out for a test drive, and I must say – it’s all it’s cracked up to be. The brush is designed to truly layer it on thick – so if you’re not used to that, just do what I do and wipe the wand 4 or 5 times along the inside of the tube. This leaves just the right amount of mascara on the wand and gives you more freedom to layer it on as needed. I still prefer to have a clean wand on hand to help remove some of the excess mascara – I love this brush by Sonia Kashuk (although it says for brows, I use it to define my lashes), or you can always salvage and sanitize an old mascara wand. Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried their mascara and if these tips helped!

Now onto the other products…as I chatted with some of the other ladies after the preview event about which products we were excited to try – there was a sense that some weren’t sure which lip shade would work for them, or even what to do with the gel blush (the mascara was a no brainer). So I decided to do a little fun makeup experimenting with three of the lipstick/blush shades, to show which ones I’d pair with each other. Take a peek and tell me what you think – don’t be shy!

p.s. How fun is it that all the lipstick shades are named after cities in Italy I’ve visited? Bonus points, Stila.

Pairing 1: Water Lily + Amalfi

There’s something about a bright pink lip that instantly “chic-tifies ” your look. I have a feeling I’ll be wearing this one a lot, and the blush gives you that perfect rosy glow. Just a small dab of both goes a long way. For the blush, work from the apples of the cheek outwards along the cheekbone. For the lipstick, start with a little in the middle of the lip and blend along the lip line. Just be warned, it really does stay put – so if you’re just playing around, definitely have a makeup remover on hand.


Pairing 2: Shimmering Lotus + Venezia

East meets West with this coral combo. I have to say, the shimmering lotus blush is by far my favorite. It’s the most natural tone enhancing shade, with just a hint of shimmer.


Pairing 3: Water Blossom + Como

If you’ve never been to Como, it’s the most pristine town nestled between the Swiss Alps and probably the most beautiful lake I’ve ever seen. I’m not saying wearing this lip shade will get you there, but it will get you noticed for sure.


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