Tried & True Beauty: Beachy Waves

The weather here in LA lately has me day-dreaming out my window, wishing I was laying on a towel somewhere along Santa Monica beach. Alas, career and mama duties have me resolved to just playing the part of full-time beach bum via my go-to hairstyle – beachy waves.

I’ve always been a fan of wavy hair – ever since my cooler, older cousins rocked the “body wave” in the 80s (think SJP circa “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun“). As fate would have it, my Italian genes came through and gifted me with a natural wave to play with. These days I’ve been sporting the ever-popular “mob” or “mom lob” (yah, just made that up), and have become an expert at manipulating my hair into thinking it’s having a good hair day.

Here are some simple steps as to how I achieve the laid-back, air-dried look, and the “tried & true beauty” products I’ve tested along the way. Pass it on!

Step 1: Beat Hair Into Submission

If beating your hair with a natural bristle, round brush you bought at the local, over-priced, discount beauty supply store doesn’t work – you can always just try your husband’s two dollar comb. Actually – I don’t brush my hair at all, but was afraid you would judge me.


Step 2: Towel Dry Hair for the 100th Time

Whoever came up with the “towel-drying” technique, clearly never towel-dried anything that retains water like a pregnant woman. Seriously – just skip this step altogether, or buy a Turbie Twist (I totally had one in the 90s, and I’m not saying I don’t still have it).


Step 3: Flip Hair Incessantly Until Desired Volume is Achieved

Everyone will tell you “don’t touch your hair, all the oils from your hands will weigh it down” – what have these people been doing with their hands??? Not going there. But seriously, flip that hair gurrrrrl.


Step 4: Apply Product Recommended by Some Blogger Who Totally Doesn’t Get Paid to Tell You Which Product to Apply

Luckily, no brands know who I am – so the products below are actual ones I’ve tested, loved and learned.

Alterna Bamboo Style, Boho Waves Tousled Texture Mist: I used this one to the last drop and I really did like how silky it made my hair, and got rid of any residual frizz. I just wished for a little more volumizing and texture.

Alterna Bamboo Beach, Summer Ocean Waves Tousled Texture Spray: I love the Bamboo Style line of products for its all-natural, free-of-chemicals mantra, and was so happy to come across their limited edition Beach collection. This spray gives me the perfect amount of volume and texture – and better yet, it won’t break the bank. Plus, if you visit any Planet Beauty store, they’re running their “buy one – get one 40% off” promotion – so it’s the perfect time to stock up!


Step 5: Save a Shower, or Two, or Three

Like Luther, Obama’s anger translator, said “California is bone dry. It looks like a trailer for the new MadMax movie up in there!” So why are people still taking 30 min showers?? My mission is to single-handedly save us from this crazy drought by only washing my hair every 2-3 days, and these are the products to use to keep you from looking like a total grease-ball.

Short Sexy Hair, Double Duty 2 in 1 Shampoo/Conditioner: This puppy is a winner – ever since I had my son I realized I would have to say “buh-bye” to the days of parking it in the shower for 20 min. Which is when I discovered the beauty of the 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner. This one isn’t heavy and really is the perfect combo, plus I’ve been a long time fan of all the Sexy Hair products (see No Fuss Hair Essentials).

ENJOY, Sulfate Free Conditioning Cleanser: This one’s also great and was recommended to me so I gave it a try. It’s more conditioning than cleansing, so just be careful how much you apply or else you’ll end up with a lot of leftover residue.

Alterna, Bamboo Style Translucent Dry Shampoo: I literally, over the past 5 years, have probably tried at least five different dry shampoos. This is my latest purchase and I used it for the first time this morning, and I’ve come to realize one thing – it’s all in how much you apply and blending is key! Although it says translucent, if you don’t hold it far enough away or do more than a couple spritzes – you’ll end up looking like Dorothy from the Golden Girls. Trust me, I’ve been there and it ain’t pretty.

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