Mom Jean Confessions: Just Say Yes to Cabo

This is a public service announcement for all you mamas out there – “Just Say Yes to Cabo.”

When you have the chance to take an essentially all-expense-paid vacation to Cabo, it’s typically a no-brainier, right? Wrong. The operative word here being “typical”, which I am anything but when it comes to making decisions. It’s as if I get some sick, twisted satisfaction in making myself squirm in the anguish of actually making a decision. Yep, I’m a bonafide, self-professed waffler who relies on her husband’s voice of reason to remind me that we deserve a vacation, just the two of us, and that our son will survive five days without me. Gah, harsh much? But thing is, having been through it and survived, it really is ok to say “yes” to Cabo.

Granted it was the first time we would be leaving Garrett since he was born – for those of you keeping track, that’s a whole 18 months of nothing but non-stop baby duty. So in my head, I knew how badly we needed the time together to be just “us” – Cammeo and Grant, without the “dada” and “mama” identities that had so consumed us (in a good way). Grant’s family in Texas even came to the rescue, agreeing to watch Garrett for the five days we’d be gone – all we had to do was fly through Houston. Side note – this totally threw off the airline employee at LAX, who told us that in “all of his 18 years of service” he had never heard of someone dropping off a baby on a layover. Thanks dude – as if I needed to lay any more guilt on myself.

The days that followed were truly like a gift from God – a.k.a Grant’s boss who turned 60, and whose wife had the bright idea to throw him a Bday party in Mexico with some of his closest friends. Lucky for you, I documented the trip day-by-day, enduring numerous “ok Janet”s from the hubs comparing me to my overzealous photog of a mother. I mean, we all turn into our mothers at some point right???

Day 1: Pinch Me

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Day 2: Sleep At Last

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Day 3: La La Bamba

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Day 4: Total Relaxation

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Day 5: A Bittersweet Good-bye

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