Adventures in Shopping: Vince Sample Sale

Well, October came and went in a flurry – my son turned 1, I turned another year young, and our Star Wars themed Halloween costumes went off without a hitch (seriously, I pinned that DIY ewok costume before Garrett was even born – cuz that’s the kinda mom I am). Which is why I’ve been slightly MIA, sorry guys and gals!

Last week, I jumped right back in the saddle and snuck in some much needed retail therapy/girl-time with a fellow stylist friend, Laurie Brucker of LaurieBstyle. She and I met at a charity luncheon last spring, and bonded over a good cause (along with a mutual love for Trina Turk). So when she was tipped off about a sample sale for one of my favorite brands, Vince, we decided to brave the line wrapped around Wilshire just to score a few of their laid-back Cali garments.

All in all, I’d say it was a shopping success – Laurie scored the coolest, chicest white leather jacket I’ve probably ever seen for a client of hers. I mean, I’m talking “white jacket from Can’t Buy Me Love” cool. So cool, that it almost got ripped out of her hands after telling a fellow shopper that “yes, she did in fact, want it.” I just hope her client decides to pass on it, or else she might have some major withdrawals – ugg, stylist problems.

I had my eye on a few key pieces and snagged the ones below, or should I say, ripped from the death grips of a hundred other women. I literally lost a sweater to someone – I walked two steps to look in a mirror, turned around, and it was gone (yeah, it was that kinda sample sale). Oh well, what’s that they say? Don’t cry over a sweater lost at a sample sale? Or something like that…



I love how this dress is made of the softest cotton, and the pleated linen detailing on the back adds a level of chic to an otherwise causal t-shirt dress. You can accessorize it with a printed scarf or even belt it for a new look.



This top was an impulse buy – I was ready to check out and then I saw this, randomly hanging there all by its lonesome. I threw it on over my clothes, in true sample sale fashion, and was sold immediately. I mean, what’s not to like about snakeskin and suede – hello??


Now, if I were to have only walked away with two items – it would have been these two. I’ve had my eye out for this season’s perfect chunky knit, and I found this gem among a sea of sweaters. The white tee is, oh so delicate, with silk paneling along the top – a staple for any wardrobe.

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