Top 5 Pins of the Week: White Out

I’m starting a new post where I rank my top 5 pins from Pinterest for the week, and show you how to make Pinterest work for you – whether it’s to help you get out of that style rut, or just some fun hair and beauty tips to try when you’re sick of the same old look.

This week, I found myself needing some style inspiration of my own, and Pinterest is hands down my go-to source to awaken my inner stylist. When I came across this white on white look complimented by a chic camel blazer, I knew I had to try it. Now, some might think a style rut calls for a full on shopping excursion, but that’s the beauty of styling and happens to be my one golden rule – use what you have first.

So when it came to re-creating this classic summer white ensemble, I pulled a white pair of jeans from Zara (that I’ve managed not to ruin), my new favorite Madewell white tee (see Hunt for the Great White), and a camel blazer I scored not too long ago at the Forever21 outlet store in Camarillo (my happy place). The only missing piece were the shoes and accessories – which to me, is the perfect opportunity to add your own flair to a look. So I paired my Guess pointy-toe cream snakeskin heels with an arm party of gold accent bracelets that would make any outfit sing – I’m too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirts, so sexy it hurts…ok you get it.


The style inspiration that sparked it all


My new summer suit, sure to be worn a few more times before Labor day


Sneaks and a leather moto jacket is pretty much the ultimate uniform


A golden accent manicure is just what I need to transition into fall


These heat-free hairstyles are right up my alley and already making my Tried & True list


Pretty much the look I strive for everyday – oh that hair

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