Tried & True Beauty: No Fuss Hair Essentials

Ever since I was a little girl, when it came to my hair, I always wanted what I didn’t have. In the ’80s I wanted a perm, to look just like my older brother’s girlfriend Kara (I’m still kinda jealous of that perm). When I was on the verge of teendom, all I wanted was to dye my hair – which was out of the question by my very traditional European father. But the most memorable hair moment had to be when I was five, and decided to chop off all my hair exclaiming to my aunt who caught me in the act “don’t tell mom and dad!”…Let’s just say, I went from hair down to my butt, to looking like Dorothy Hamill – needless to say, they noticed.

Well I’ve come a long way since taking out my hair aggressions on my poor unsuspecting Barbies, and have fully embraced my natural color and wavy hair. These days, especially with a 9 month old attached to my hip, I’ve become efficient in my morning routine – makeup in 10 min or less (blog post with beauty tips soon to come) and literally a 2 min hair routine as I’m walking out the door. So I’m sharing a few of my favorite tried and true hair products that I swear will change your hair game.

Now if I could just turn back time, I’d still rock me a mean ’80s perm – oh the injustice…

From left to right:

Kérastase Powder Bluff Dry Shampoo – I’ve probably tried over half a dozen dry shampoos in the past 2 years, and it was seriously a “Goldilocks moment” when I finally found this Kerastase one. Not too powdery, not too “I smell like my grandma”, and more importantly the price is juuuuust right.

Shu Uemura Volume Maker Texturizing Powder – Now full disclosure, I would have never found this product had it not been for my serious girl crush on Aussie fashion writer Carmen Hamilton of The Chronicles of Her. I know it’s a pretty penny, but if you were to only buy one of these products – this is the one to splurge on. I can’t explain it, but I never thought instant volume was attainable until now. I don’t know if it’s the brush applicator or some uber secretive Japanese ingredient…let’s just go with the latter shall we?

Nick Chavez Caviar Moisturizing Styling Mousse – Honestly, this one came in one of those shishi poopoo event swag bags (hence caviar in the name). I typically try that stuff maybe once and toss it – but this one I happily discovered hiding amongst the pile of  products in our bathroom, and it has been a lifesaver. Not only do I not have to blow dry my hair anymore, I just run this through my fingers/hair a couple times and I’m out the door.

Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Touchable Weightless Hairspray – Gone are the days of Aqua Net (or Aqua Death as we used to call it – so clever, I know). Now I realize I am probably a victim of a catchy marketing campaign (soy touchable, hehe), but I don’t care, this stuff is the bees knees. I’ve probably been using this product the longest out of the bunch and I’m never looking back.

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