Adventures in Shopping: Camp Beverly Hills

No I’m not talking about the Camp Beverly Hills pop culture phenomenon of the ’80s (although I kinda wanna bring those tees back – google it). I’m referring to the 2-week RV driving, kayak riding, cabin in the middle of the mountains, vacation I just took with my husband and our 9 month old little boy.

Every 4th of July, members of the Murray family from all over the country descend on Dun Rovin – the peaceful cabin nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia along Craig Creek. So naturally the LA Murray’s followed suit and ditched our Beverly Hills duds for a more rustic wardrobe that would bring out the happy camper in anyone.

Now allow me to be completely transparent – when I say camping, I mean the kind where you sleep in an actual bed and can wake up every morning to a hot shower indoors (hence the Camp Beverly Hills reference – uh huh, see what I did there). Nonetheless, having made the trip for nearly 10 years now – I’ve nailed down some of my key “camping style” travel essentials that I’ve round up just for you. After all, you’re never too old for summer camp…

Tee it Up

Probably the staple clothing choice for a week full of outdoor activities. I love Madewell for their versatile tees in every shade (see Hunt for the Great White).


Short Order

Pretty much a given when it comes to camping. My personal favorite is a light weight linen short that you can throw on with a comfy tee and tennies.


Foot Loose

Don’t fall into the shoe trap when packing, where they take up 90% of the suitcase. Instead try to narrow it down to one comfy pair of flip flops, a slip on pair of sneakers (I love Sanuks), and one cute pair of flat sandals (check out my favorite pair of Seychelles) to wear for a free night out in town.

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Under the Hood

A classic hoodie is key for those cool summer mountain nights. I snagged this California Love pullover hoodie before the trip, to have a little piece of home with me.


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