CH2T Covets: Boys Will Be Boys

I’ve always had a healthy appreciation for baby clothes and shoes (husband translation: she has a major baby shoe fetish). So when I found out last year that we were expecting our first child, I’m not gonna lie, dressing her/him up everyday was something I couldn’t help but get excited about. In fact, I remember being so relieved leaving my 12-week appointment that I marched myself across the street to the H&M at the Beverly Center – which happens to have a hidden mecca of baby clothes that were just waiting for me to snatch them up.

Then, I found out a few weeks later that we were having a boy, and although it meant saying bye-bye to shopping for little mini-me outfits – I actually found myself relieved. Relieved of the temptation to buy one of those crazy looking tutus (those poor unsuspecting babies). Instead, I realized the exciting opportunity ahead of me to exercise my styling skills. Albeit yes, on an unsuspecting baby, but a style challenge nonetheless.

Now, full disclosure, I did receive hundreds of boy baby clothes from a friend that I have been more than happy to dress Garrett in. Which, to be honest, just helped me to reel in my online shopping habits to a point where I have allowed myself to only buy 3-5 new outfits every couple of months. Bringing me to my point – who knew little boy clothes could be so fun to shop for?!? After carefully browsing several of my favorite mommy blogs, I have found a deep appreciation for a few brands that match quality and cuteness from head to toe. Side note, if you haven’t seen #TheoandBeau on Instagram you need to follow Momma’s Gone City right stat now.

I’ve wrangled up a few of the brands I’ve become a fan of as of late, and I highly recommend browsing to score them at half the price! After all, momma’s not made of money…


Moi Onesie – just a little bit of whimsy

Kapital K Romper - born to be wild

Kapital K Romper – born to be wild


JoJo Maman Bébé Sunsuit – circa 1920s

Petit Lem Footie - seriously, elbow patches

Petit Lem Footie – seriously, elbow patches

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