CH2T Styling: Wedding Day Success

I had the chance to catch up with my friend who I helped style for a summer wedding in Laguna Niguel. Now get this – the day after I posted my dress choices for her, we realized she had already been looking at buying the exact Haute Hippie dress I picked out! Don’t you just love it when the style stars align??

Check out some snaps from the big day of her looking absolutely gorgeous in the fuschia frock. Incidentally, she did not meet her prince that night – rather some dude more interested in talking up his b-ball skills…as if…

photo 2


To make a sweet story even sweeter, my friend found the very last dress in her size on sale, and everyone knows my rule – if it’s the last one, on sale, in your size – you must buy. Plain and simple, thems the rules. Luckily you can still snag a similar version of it here.

If you have a similar styling need for an upcoming event or special occasion, just email me and I’m happy to offer up my styling services –

Happy Shopping!!

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