Adventures in Shopping: To Zara With Love

It’s no secret to my friends, co-workers, family, or anyone who will listen for that matter, that Zara is for me what bacon is for anyone with a pulse – I couldn’t live without it. The obsession first started when I studied abroad in Sevilla, Spain during college and spent half the summer admiring my new found love for Spanish style and stocking up on anything I could get my hands on.

Fast forward 10 years later, and I’ve developed what I call “a healthy appreciation” for the glamorous Spanish fashion brand. Not more than a week or two can go by without feeling drawn to just “stop by” one of several Zara locations that I conveniently live within a 10 mile radius. In fact, just last weekend I stopped by the Santa Monica Promenade location and was blown away by their new Autumn/Winter ’12 line (check out the campaign here).

I now know that when Grant leaves me to go check out the men’s section, and comes back 20 min. later only to find that I’ve made it a measly 2 ft. inside the store, that I’m in big trouble. Pure scensory overload – the effect when you walk into a store and must force yourself to leave before you buy the whole first floor. So we did just that. Leave. Empty-handed…

Yet, I couldn’t quite let go of the image of these Jaquard Loom Trousers I had spotted and tried relentlessy to pry an honest opinion about out of Grant, only to hear him repeat a saying I’ve heard one too many times – something along the lines of “who shot the couch?” But I wasn’t giving up that easily (The Man Repeller would be proud).

So I pulled what I call “the double reverse”, meaning visiting two or more locations of the same store in one day in pursuit of the goal (oh yah, and my second obession – college football)…So we set off to the Hollywood Zara where I was sure to be reunited with my long lost trousers, since everyone knows most locals avoid Hollywood Boulevard like the plague…wrong! They were no where to be found – not tucked behind a blazer or even on an unsuspecting mannequin who is about to be disrobed.

I couldn’t believe it – my perfectly carried out play had failed…or so I thought. No longer than 2 min. had gone by until I laid my eyes on, hands down, the coolest moto jacket I’d ever seen. It was the perfect combination of wool and leather. In fact it wasn’t even real leather, but looked and felt like it, which meant it was also half the price – sold!

That’s the beauty of Zara, and why I have no qualms dedicating this love story to them – even if it is one-sided…


Zara Combined Woollen Jacket – can it please knock it off with the 90+ weather so I can wear it already!?!


Zara Jaquard Loom Trousers – what do you think? too much “who shot the couch/persian rug?”


Zara Racer Back Dress – this little number first caught my eye in red, but then I saw the blue. Decisions, decisions…


Zara Metal Heel Court Shoe – these black suede pointy-toe pumps truly are a staple for fall, even Bloomie’s agrees…

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