Mom Jean Confessions: Momaholic

“Hi, my name’s Cammeo and I’m a momaholic.” What’s a momaholic, you might ask? I myself didn’t know until enduring the longest days of my life this past week – when both my husband and my mom incidentally landed themselves out of town, giving one helpless mama a much needed wake-up call.

Day 1: (cue Law & Order, dun dun sound)

The week started by dropping Garrett (now 17 months) off with the sweet nannies who watch some of the local neighborhood kids. Sounds harmless enough right? WRONG! Cue the waterworks. I’m not talking just any waterworks, I’m talking Wet n’ Wild sized waterworks. Had I not been nanny-blocked (a move clearly she had learned from years of dealing with other momaholics), I would have swooped him up in my arms and never made it in to work that day. But, le sigh, I walked away pushing back the tears and making it to work early for a change. All good right? Wrong again! As I dug hopelessly through my Zara bag, I got the sinking feeling that no matter how much I imagined a Mary Poppins-like scenario – my wallet was nowhere to be found.

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Tried & True Beauty: Put Your Face On

Every now and then, my inner southern grandma comes out and I mutter to my husband to just “give me a few minutes while I go put my face on”. Now, anyone from the south knows that learning to put your face on is like a right of passage. For me, that was around my early teens, when I’d take my copy of YM magazine (the best teen mag back in the day) and stand in front of the mirror trying tirelessly to copy whatever makeup trend the models were wearing that month.

In the early 90s, I was all about the brown lip liner and clear gloss (c’mon, you know you did it too). Then, in college you realize that you’d rather trade the time spent in front of the mirror for just one more hour of sleep. And this my friends, is where I first learned the art of the 10 minute makeup routine. In fact, I’ll never forget the roommates I had from East Texas, whose grandmas I’m pretty sure coined the term “put your face on”. Their make-up tips were simple – a little concealer here and some mascara there, and voila – face on.

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