Mom Jean Confessions: Belief in the Simple Things

Some days, I hardly remember “my former life,” as I call it. The life before kids, the life where I picked up and moved to NYC without a job (cuz I was crazy like that), and the life where we were newlyweds living in the City of Angels – where a big decision consisted of which movie we wanted to go see that night, because, well, we could.

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Adventures in Shopping: Birk-offs

What is a Birk-off, you may be asking? It’s a new term I coined after laying my eyes on a whole display full of Birkenstock knock-off sandals at Nordstrom on Saturday. Pret-a-Reporter goes as far as calling this style of sandal “fugly yet fab”, and Nordstrom features them as the latest trend in “earthy cool” cork footbed sandals.

I’ve always loved the brand Seychelles for their comfortable and quirky style, so I did a major double-take when I spotted their new line of Birk-offs (it’ll catch on, you’ll see). I snagged my own pair of zebra-print thong sandals – thanks to my more than generous husband, who brought me back to mommyland after straying too far to oogle at the gallery-like wall of Jimmy Choo’s…can’t a girl dream a little?

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