Mom Jean Confessions: Babymoon Shmabymoon

No seriously, anyone who tells you a babymoon is overrated, is lying to you. I’m really just saying this for effect, since I can’t think of any mom in their right mind who doesn’t see the invaluable need for a weekend getaway before your life is taken over by yet another little one. As my husband (a.k.a. my editor) is reading this, I know he’s thinking – she’s trying to play all hard and cries with the best of them any time we spend more than a day away from Garrett. Well touche, my love, because I not only didn’t shed a tear this time, you may recall I was the one saying we need to do this again before number two arrives. Yep, that’s how great a babymoon is. Sure, date nights do the trick – but the catch is that you have to have the resources to do them like every week. Sorry to say that, fixing up a house and juggling new job situations, all while a certain toddler wants your undivided attention – has us prioritizing date nights the way I prioritize working out – man, a nap sounds so much better right now.

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