CH2T Styling: ABC13 x Closet Cleanout

You might remember I filmed “Wardrobe Transition Pieces“ for ABC13’s Mirror Mirror segment with Rebecca Spera back in January. Well I’m so excited to share the next feature we did for Mirror Mirror called “Closet Cleanout.” If you’ve been needing a little push to finally do some wardrobe spring cleaning, my favorite type of cleaning, […]

CH2T Styling: ABC13 x Wardrobe Transition Pieces

Last month I had the pleasure of filming three segments for ABC13 with my friend/reporter Rebecca Spera – “Wardrobe Transition Pieces,” “Closet Cleanout,” and “Five Minute Makeup Hacks.” If you’re a local Houstonian, then you might have caught the first segment this past Wed afternoon. I modeled four different looks that are perfect for when […]

CH2T Feeds: ABC13 x Cook2Learn Academy

Today was just like any other day, except not. Garrett woke up way before mama was ready, but just in time to give daddy a great big bear hug before work. Then I rolled my pregnant self outta bed to make breakfast and jump in the shower before heading to my 32-week checkup. Baby girl […]

The Making of a Brand: 6-Week Video Series

Thank you for your interest in my video series “The Making of a Brand”. Here’s a little bit of background on me and why I’ve decided to launch this series in the first place! I have 15+ years of experience working in digital media at ad agencies in NYC and LA, leading digital marketing for […]